Yoga to increase height

(July 25, 2008)

Will yoga exercises increase height?

Yoga is a contemplative form of exercise system or therapy that concentrates on reinforcing the core muscles of the body such as the muscles of the abdomen, the pelvic floor muscles, the latissimus dorsi and the obliques. It involves a number of stretches and movements that benefit the entire syst, including stretching and expanding the spinal cord. In elongating the spinal column, an individual is able to correct the posture and thus have an appearance of increased height. Here are few Yogasanas that can aid in stretching the spinal column and help increase the height on the condition that you haven't reached already your peak height as yet. Sukhasana is one such yogasana that can help in stretching the back. In order to perform Sukhasana, you must sit cross legged, with both the feet touching opposite thighs, and the palms hands resting on the feet and the ankles together. While doing the pose, it is advisable that the breath must be inhaled and exhaled at equal intervals. Stretching exercises that are part of Yoga and applicable techniques are constituents of some individual's schedule to grow taller. Yoga helps in improving the posture and in doing so adds a few centimeters to the extremities and torso.

Apart from stretching the body, Yoga also helps to increase the stretching ability of the bodily muscles and the bones; hence Yoga helps in toning and shaping the development of the back and other areas of the body. Yoga helps to enhance a correct posture by making the individual appear taller. It does not however add inches to the feet or to the legs. By improving the posture and helping the spinal cord to be relieved of stress and tensions yoga helps in aligning the muscles and ligaments in a correct manner. This entire exercise results in a correct alignment of the body, which results in an appearance of being tall.

By facilitating a correct posture, yoga also promotes the overall flexibility of the body. In order to ensure maximum benefits from yoga, it is essential that the individual practices daily with much discipline. Yoga is not meant to be a casual workout that can be practiced at any time without giving it much thought or focus. According to the yoga theory, an early morning practice works best because of the unpolluted air in the morning and also to gain maximum benefit from the soft rays of the sun.

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