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(November 9, 2010)

How to increase concentration power?

Although yoga is more widely known for the beneficial role it plays in the development of a persons physical attributes as well as with the medical conditions that affect a persons being on a physical scale, it also helps substantially in improving a persons metal attributes. The use of yoga for concentration is extremely effective because of the meditative practices. The effectiveness of yoga for concentration problems has gained greater relevance today for obvious reasons. In a day and age that is dominated with a number of distractions such as television, radio as well as the internet, getting children to concentrate and maintain concentration over a lengthy period of time is becoming harder by the day. However, yoga is known to be one of the most effective options when it comes to dealing with problems like this. High levels of concentration require you to open up your mind and bringing out a defined, although not specific, impartial unconcern to any external influences. Yoga concentration exercises will help you develop a certain amount of imperviousness to any of the external influences, and allow your mind to focus solely on the task at hand. It is important to have high levels of concentration - especially when it comes to carrying out very high risk acts. Although having mentioned before that the condition is increasingly common in children because of the many influences in today’s world, the problem of concentration is hardly lost on adults who also tend to suffer from a number of concentration problems.
One of the best and most effective yoga concentration exercises is known as the tratak. This yoga concentration exercise can be performed by simply placing yourself in front of a lit candle and start to begin the exercise by performing a few meditation and relaxation techniques that lie at the heart of yoga. Once you have opened your eyes from the meditation exercise, focus solely on the light of the candle and you should be able to rain your mind to hold onto a particular thought. There are many techniques in yoga for focus and yoga poses for concentration such as the surya namaskar that helps the body relax and allows the mind to open up. Yoga for concentration dharana the mental strength in the mind increases while there is a reduction in the strain on the mind. Yoga for concentration dharana also helps the mind remain calm for longer periods of time – thereby making it a very useful yoga technique for those individuals that are suffering from a very short temper. Most yoga concentration exercises revolve around practicing regular and daily meditation.

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Concentration means loosening up the mind and bringing about a definite but not specified impartial unconcern to external influences. During the process of concentration the mind and body should be at ease and should not be in a state of conflict or disturbance. In order to achieve such a state of concentration, the various yogasanas, Pranayama and pratyahara in the practice of yoga, to get rid of mental influences that come in the way of concentration. One such method in yoga known as Tratak or heightened concentration is an accumulation of various elements and a combination of several concentration techniques. This particular form of concentration techniques helps to strengthen the visual organs and through disciplined training the body energy or prana is passed on to the eyes. Through this method the mind becomes composed while the brain gets relaxed.

In order to perform Tratak, you must place yourself before a lit candle. However before you begin to focus on the candle light you would have to use methods of meditation and relaxation to bring the mind and body to a complete state of relaxation. Once you have opened eyes to focus on the frame of the candle you will be able to train yourself to hold onto a particular thought, instead of a wandering mind.

The sun salutations or Surya Namaskar is also vital in bringing about mental focus. A 20 minute session of Surya Namaskar can help the body to relax and the mind to concentrate. Another art or practice of concentration known as Dharana helps the occupied mind to become more composed and calm. Through the practice of Dharana, mental strength increases while strain on the mind is reduced. With the help of habitual daily practice of Dharana, the attitude of the individual also becomes more confident and a sense of peace can be achieved.

Pranayama and meditation are the best known yoga techniques to bring about increased concentration and memory power. Specific yogasanas such as the inverted poses help to nourish the brain by enhancing the blood circulation and increasing oxygenated blood in the body. In the practice of Pranayama, the mind is trained to focus on the breath while inhaling and exhaling. Through the conscious regulation of breath in Pranayama, oxygen and vital body energy is increased in the body thus bringing about heightened awareness of one's self and improved concentration. Daily meditation is also vital in improving memory power, and as the concentration of the individual improves, the physical self and mental being achieves a sense of harmony.

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