Yoga to Increase Height

(July 25, 2008)

My daughter is 15yrs old and is 5ft in height. She matured at the age of 11 but stopped growing tall since the last 2 yrs. Can she grow taller?

Once an individual reaches puberty, the height normally stops growing. However there are specific yoga positions that can help in strengthening the back antigen appearance of being tall even after individual has reached puberty. It is important to note that yoga is an exercise that creates a balance between the body in mind and its main focus is on strengthening the core muscles of the body. These core muscles are important as movement originates from them, and also stabilizes the individual. The stronger the core is of an individual, the more strength the person is likely to have in order to offset the gravitational pull of the earth on the spinal cord. This helps to restore the natural height of an individual. Leg stretches and Bridge pose as a yogasana a highly beneficial in strengthening the body and stretching the muscles. Other important yogasana includes the tree pose and the foot hand posture which gives an appearance of increased height. As the oldest form of exercise designed for physical and emotional enhancement, yoga is known to correct all kinds and forms of disorders or imbalances in the body.

One important exercise in yoga which is a combination of a number of yogic postures is the Surya Namaskar. This particular exercise helps the body in its entirety and provides a better feeling about individual's posture while strengthening the back and increasing the height. The various postures and positions in Surya Namaskar in combination with proper breathing techniques helps in achieving the correct back posture for sitting standing and walking. In addition to the Surya Namaskar, also ensure that your daughter practices the mountain posture which is better known as tadasana in yoga. This particular posture helps in improving stability and flexibility of an individual and recent studies have indicated that giving benefit greatly by practicing the mountain posture. An average yoga session must be practiced for at least in hour, for three times a week to gain maximum results and benefits from the exercises.

By practicing these particular yogasanas, yoga helps in increasing the height by stretching the physical or body muscles and helping them to stay strong, by lengthening the bones in the upper and lower limbs and by helping to add space between the spinal disks with the daily practice and of stretching and decompression that takes place with yoga. There is no guarantee that an individual will gain the desired height, but yoga certainly helps to improve the posture and with an improved posture it is likely that the person will appear taller.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:00

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