Increase height through yoga

(September 16, 2010)

I am rahul and my height is 5.2 ft. And my father height is same then Will yoga increase my height or not?

Increase Height, Weight And  Testosterone Through Yoga

For numerous years people have been endeavoring to get taller or to increase their height. Although the idea that you can increase height through yoga may seem absurd there is some basis to it. Of course it is impossible to increase height even through yoga if you are past the growth phase or are already a fully grown adult, but prior to this in the growth phase yoga can considerably enhance growth. There are all kinds of height enhancing techniques available that one can do. Among these are the simple yoga techniques which have been found to help an individual to increase their height. One can increase height through yoga as it involves the stretching of the person’s spine and also stretches the rest of the human body. This helps to give it the strength and also the balance that it needs to grow. Thus many experts do suggest that a person can increase their height and also increase their weight through yoga. Additionally one can also increase metabolism through yoga postures, they can increase testosterone through yoga and also increase stamina through yoga. Some of the basic techniques or positions prescribed by a yoga expert will involve a person doing some series of movements which are fluid in themselves. All these movements will centre on the body. The main focus of any of these yoga posture or exercises is the stretching of the human body.  Yoga also lays a lot of emphasis on the correct breathing technique. Doing yoga regularly can help in strengthening an individual’s spine and can also aid in improving the individual’s posture. Good posture can help to increase one’s height. A properly aligned spine will then have the ability to grow and thus increase a person’s height. Prior to doing any of the yoga exercises it is always advisable that one check with their medical practitioner.

 Some of the most basic height increasing yoga exercises starts off with the sukhasana. This sukhasana position helps the person in controlling their breathing. It also aids to tone a person’s lower back. This then also tones a person’s hips. To do this yoga pose one needs to sit on the floor. They need to enter into the lotus pose or to sit cross legged. At the same time allow your hands to rest on your knees. The focus of the sukhasana is one’s breathing. Another yoga position that is useful for increasing one’s height is called as the trikonasana. This trikonasana is also referred to as the triangle position and helps one to greatly improve their balance and also their posture. Start off by standing with your legs apart. They should be roughly 3 to 4 feet apart. Another height increasing position in yoga is known as the dog and cat series of movements.

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Above all, don’t give up your practices, results come when least expected




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