Yoga What is it?

(June 30, 2010)

Although the practice of Yoga has become increasingly popular all across the world and especially in the West in the last few decades, one of the most common questions asked by people is “Yoga – What is it?”. The word Yoga has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj”, which means “to yoke” or “to unite”. Therefore Yoga really signifies the state of union, with The Divine. It also represents the feeling of oneness, with the great Reality.

In the modern times Yoga is believed to be an ancient scientific discipline, which involves various breathing techniques, meditation practice as well as stretching and strengthening exercises that are very useful in improving a person’s overall health. The various Yoga asanas (Poses) can enable a person to channel all his focus and concentration from his mind, senses and body, to his inner self, thereby allowing him to concentrate completely, upon the Supreme. Therefore, the answer to the question “Yoga what is it?” is that Yoga is a universal science that allows a person to restrain his senses and to direct his mind towards a higher being. Although Yoga is applied within a religious framework, it transcends religion, mainly because it goes beyond any specific doctrine or dogma.

Yoga should never be regarded as merely a form of acrobatics or the manipulation of the human body into awkward or challenging poses. Although such practices, if performed correctly, are a part of Yoga, they are not the primary part of the most essential types of Yoga. These poses are only a minor part of Yoga. Another common misconception is that Yoga is about performing magical feats. This is mainly because Yoga has been misconstrued by fake Yogis, to be a form of magic through which it is possible to perform unusual and extraordinary mystical feats. Yoga is in no way associated with means of self-torture either, like lying on a bed of nails, piercing various body parts with needles or pins.

Different books, online resources, programs or classes will give us different meanings along the different purposes of Yoga. However, it is safe to say that the true meaning of Yoga comes from within you, as it is a journey from within you and it uses your physical body to express itself. Practiced correctly, Yoga gives you a chance to allow your emotions to flow freely and also heal not just your body and mind, but also your soul.

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