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(June 24, 2008)

i am 18 yrs old is there any chance of increasing my height,if yes please tell me how? any kinda asana's etc.

Yoga for Increasing Height  

The height of an individual is determined mainly by two factors in an individual.  First and foremost genetics plays a very important role into in determining the height of an individual along with the role of nutrition.  In almost all men and women, growth is attained till the age of puberty.  Post puberty it is not possible for an individual, neither a man nor a woman, to increase height or grow taller than determined by the individual's genes. However do not lose heart over your height, rather lets look at some corrective techniques in yoga that will help boost your confidence in addition to an improved physical appearance.

Fortunately exercise helps to correct the individual's posture.  Yoga as a form of exercise is excellent in strengthening the back and imparting a straight posture.  But bear in mind that only rigorous practice of exercise along with a disciplined regime of daily yoga can help you achieve your goal. You may stand a chance of increasing your height with the help of yoga and its simple asanas.  Most yoga asanas and relevant exercises are about stretching and this greatly helps in improving the posture and spinal cord.

Start with the Sun salutation also known as Surya Namaskar which is an excellent form of stretching exercise.  It must be performed in the morning daily on empty stomach preferably before breakfast.  Another form of asana known as Tadhasana, is an amazing workout for stretching the back, improving the chest structure and enhancing the respiratory organs. A small piece of advice though -- being taller is not everything.  What is of vital significance, is a healthy body and a healthy mind.  And that's exactly what yoga strives to offer.  Get yourself a good yoga teacher and the practice of this ancient art will help to build your confidence, refine your senses and boost health.

Submitted by C D on June 24, 2008 at 05:11

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