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(November 10, 2010)

I am 15 year old boy, short in my age, my parents have enough height. But i wish to increase my height up to my age at least. i was an asthma patient & now only allergy. Kindly seek your valuable guidance.

An individual’s height is one of the most defining factors of his or her stature and will play a huge role in the way he or she lives their life. For instance, an individual that is considerably short will face a number of social issues as well as a number of obstacles when it comes to being able to achieve a certain number of physical aspirations. A person’s height is primarily decided in between the teenage years and a lot revolves around the growth hormones and how they are influenced in between this timeline. The key during this growth phase is to make sure that the child performs a number of activities that requires him or her to stretch their muscles. Regular stretching will go a substantially long way into increasing a child height – which is primarily the same reason that one will notice how individuals that play games that require constant jumping, such as basketball, generally tend to feature a number of tall individuals. Practicing the game for many hours is only likely to make the individual much taller. Yoga is another option that has only recently come to light despite the fact that the discipline is thousands of years old. If you aim to increase height with yoga, however it should be pointed out that the best time to begin would be as a teenager. Once past the growth phase it would not be possible to increase height with yoga or through any natural method as this would be completely unnatural.
How to increase height

If you wish to increase your height through yoga there are many poses that will help deal with the situation by stretching the spine and providing a certain amount of balance as well as strength that it will require when it grows. Because of the full range of motion, the poses to increase height in yoga will help the body fully decompress from the downward pressure of gravity that causes the body to shrink naturally. Another factor that plays a prominent role in the reduction of body height is stress. Even if it were not possible to increase height with yoga, the stress reduction benefits of yoga alone would suffice to promote and enhance all round growth and development, including height. There are a number of other methods of increasing ones height such as by an increase in height through walking. Other physical activities like cycling are also believed to help promote height growth.

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For the condition that you have described, you need to perform yoga exercises which are gentle on your body and yet help you achieve what you want. Yoga is an excellent exercise routine which works on your body in many ways. It not only stretches your entire body so that your muscles can become flexible and can grow, but also strengthens as well as lengthens your spine.
The techniques of yoga have been helping people for a long time and yoga to increase height is a popularly practiced routine. In fact, in many fitness studios, you will be taught yoga to increase height.
An exercise program that involves yoga, can help you gain height naturally. You can perform yoga to increase weight and improve your overall appearance as well. If you are of a slight stature, you should perform exercises which help you gain height as well as weight. There are a series of fluid movements in yoga which can help you create flexibility right where you need it. You can also use yoga to increase testosterone production in your body. Testosterone is the male hormone which triggers the onset of male characteristics in a person.
If you want to practice yoga to increase height, there are many simple exercises that you can perform from your home as well. The first step towards getting the right height by performing yoga is to hold the correct posture. The posture of a person can help them keep their spine healthy. Holding the right posture itself can help increase a person’s height by two to four inches.
One of the simplest ways to use yoga to boost height is the Sukhasana (Easy pose). It is a centered, sitting position which helps you rectify your posture. This position helps you hold your position for a long period of time so that your spine gets elongated. When you use yoga to increase height, this is the primary pose that you need to master.
Trikonasana, or the triangle pose, is also another great pose in yoga to increase height. This is also a simple pose that you can practice right at home. This pose stretches your spine as well as your upper body—including your arms, shoulders and neck. Practicing this pose regularly can help you develop and strengthen the muscles in your back. It also helps align your spine and corrects any structural flaws in your spine as well as your posture.

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There are plenty of benefits to practising Yoga; hence you should never give up.

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My friend keep trying. We wish you all the best. You will get a detailed answer at this URL: . http://www.yogawiz.com/search.php. There are lots and lots of benefits to practising Yoga so never give up.

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