Gynecomastia and Yoga

(September 7, 2010)

Yoga for Getting Rid Of Man Boobs (fat redice at chest)

Gynecomastia is a condition in men where there is an abnormal enlargement of one or both of the breasts. It most commonly occurs with overweight or obese men who just hit puberty. Gynecomastia can also occur with elderly men who are overweight. The usual cause is the hormonal changes that happen in the body. Medications which contain estrogen are also responsible for this condition. Practicing yoga for gynecomastia is an effective solution as yoga helps in reducing weight. When you practice yoga for gynecomastia the adipose tissue which the breast chiefly consists of is reduced, thereby bringing gynecomastia under control.
The inverted yoga poses such as the Fish pose, Wheel pose and Semi wheel pose are very effective forms of yoga for gynecomastia. They help in reducing the cholesterol and fat deposits in the trunk region. The Arm stretch pose is also an effective yoga for breasts in men as it helps reduce cholesterol and fat deposits in the breast area. It also improves the blood circulation throughout the body.
In the condition of pseudogynecomastia there is no actual breast tissue present. It consists of fat that is accumulated and can often be mistaken for gynecomastia. As there is no gland present, the practice of yoga for pseudogynecomastia can be very effective. Any of the yoga exercises that help in reducing weight, especially those that concentrate on the trunk region, will bring you the desired results.
Galactorrhea is a condition that sometimes occurs with gynecomastia in which there is a milky discharge from the nipple. The practice of yoga for galactorrhea may not be helpful as burning fat cannot get rid of the gland that is present in true gynecomastia. Although the practice of yoga for gynecomastia can be effective in reducing it, only surgery and steps taken to increase testosterone levels will completely remove it.
Hypogonadism is a condition in which the testicles of a man are not able to produce sperm or the hormone testosterone. It sometimes happens that the testicles won’t be able to produce both of these. There have been claims of effective yoga for hypogonadism but you must not depend on it as the only solution. You should consult a doctor and seek advice on the available treatments like hormone based medications and other forms of hormone therapy.
For the effective treatment of gynecomastia you must involve other factors that influence the condition. The food you eat also has an impact on gynecomastia. A low fat, balanced diet is recommended. When practicing yoga for gynecomastia it is important that you seek the guidance of a qualified instructor or you could end up making your condition worse.

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Gynecomastia and Yoga 

Man who suffer from gynecomastia have excess fatty tissue in their breast region which gives them an unwanted and embarrassing breast like appearance. Any specific reasons or causes are not known for this condition however excess weight, certain medications, or hormonal imbalances are often blamed. Most of the men with boobs like appearance are above their ideal body weight. So the simplest and easiest solution to get rid of this condition is to lose the excess body fat. As the breast tissue mainly comprises of adipose tissue as a man loses weight he can easily lose fat around the chest. Yoga and other weight lifting exercises along with a balanced low-fat diet will work to lose the body fat and in turn build the body muscles. Many researches prove that with vigorous resistance training the levels of testosterone increases, any increase in this male hormone will cause the enlarged mammary gland to go away naturally. Also look deeply for the cause of fat deposition in the chest area. If you are on some medication then check its ingredients for steroids and hormones including estrogen and testosterone. Eat a healthy diet with low fat and high in fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.

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