Height increasing technique in yoga

(September 14, 2010)

Hi i am 22 years girl 169 cms tall.Can you suggest me some techniques to increase my height?

For many years people have been trying to get taller or increase their height by experimenting with all kinds of height increasing techniques. Some of these include calden techniques, swimming, and yoga techniques among others. These yoga techniques are found to help one in improving the state of their mind and also their body. Yoga helps in stretching the spine and the rest of one’s body and thus helps in giving it the strength and balance it needs to help the body to grow. Thus very often yoga has been suggested as one of the techniques to help in gaining height naturally. It should be kept in mind that height increasing techniques with yoga or through any natural method are limited in their effectiveness by the laws of nature.
Some of the height increasing techniques prescribed by yoga involve one doing series of movements that fluid in themselves and which centre on the human body. The main focus of these limb lengthening techniques are exercises which stretch the body especially the person’s back through its entire range. Yoga has been found to strengthen a person’s spine and also helps in improving a person’s posture. Good posture is the first way that a person can improve their height. An aligned spine then has the proper ability to grow. Before doing any yoga exercises it is always recommended that one check with their medical practitioner. Some of the basic height increasing tips besides good posture is doing the sukhasana. This position helps one in controlling their breathing and also helps in toning one’s lower back. This also tones the hips and helps the cartilage that is found in these areas to be decompressed. Simply sit on the floor in the cross legged position and rests your hands on your knees. The focus here is on one’s breathing. Another useful yoga position for height increasing is the trikonasana. This is also called the triangle and helps one improve their balance and posture. Simply stand with your legs apart, at a distance of about 3 to 4 feet. Then rotate the left foot to the 90 degrees angle and the right foot to a 45 degrees angle. Next proceed to inhale and then raise one’s arms to one’s side such that they are parallel with the floor, then taking a deep breath stretch towards the left ankle. Another useful height increasing yoga technique is the dog and cat series of movements. These exercise help in extending one’s spine to the entire length and hence are very useful. This exercise is done on one’s hands and knees and helps in stretching one’s spine to the fullest.

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Height increasing technique in yoga 

A person's height stops increasing once he/she reaches adulthood. As you are already 22 years old increasing your height significantly through yoga may not be possible because at your age the bones are probably grown to its fullest. But certain poses can definitely help you to correct your posture which can make you look taller. Try the following yoga pose like balasana, vriksasana, tadasana, salabhasana, adho mukha svanasana, mukha svanasana and adho garudasana.

  1. Balasana or child's pose – sit on the ground on a yoga mat. Fold your legs at knees and place them below your hips with heels toughing the hips and toes facing the floor. Lower your forehead on the floor by bending your head and trunk at waist. See to it that you don't raise your buttocks and keep them close towards the heels as far as possible. You can rest your forehead in your arms or can simply place your arms alongside the body with palms facing upwards. Breathe slowly but deeply. While inhaling press your belly against your thighs.
  2. Salabhasana or locust pose – lie flat on a yoga mat on your stomach. Place your chin on ground and arms under the thighs. Now form a curved shape by lifting your legs and back from the ground, breathe deeply and hold for 20 seconds. 

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