Are there any yoga exercises to cure cerebral ataxia?

(August 7, 2013)

Cerebral ataxia can be described as a rare disorder that affects the nervous system and leads to lack of coordination as well as unsteadiness in a person. There are several different factors that could lead to this disorder, some of which include infections, tumors or injuries in the brain. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for cerebral ataxia as yet; however, there are several forms of treatment that help relieve the muscles spasms and tremors. Patients suffering from this condition are prescribed certain medication by their health care specialist. Physical therapy, which includes certain types of exercise for cerebral ataxia, can also help alleviate the symptoms of this condition to a great extent.

Exercise for cerebral ataxia

The main symptom of cerebral ataxia is the lack of balance and therefore physical therapy for this disorder is aimed at balance improvement. It is absolutely essential for a patient to perform the right exercise for cerebral ataxia in the right manner, or else the symptoms can worsen. Therefore, these exercises should only be demonstrated by a well-qualified physiotherapist who deals with cerebral ataxia patients on a regular basis. It has also been suggested that certain activities like golf, darts, swimming, horse riding and billiards may also benefit cerebral ataxia patients to some extent. Exercises that help patients maintain a healthy weight should also be included in a patient’s workout plan. Repetitive movements, lifting light ways is also usually recommended for most patients.

Meditation for cerebral ataxia

Support groups that have been set up for patients who are suffering from cerebral ataxia often conduct workshops on techniques like yoga, and meditation, because they believe that these self-help sources can help relieve some of the symptoms of the disorder. These techniques help increase focus and coordination, which in turn improves balance. However, there are no clinical studies to prove that yoga or meditation for cerebral ataxia can bring about an improvement in the condition.

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