How to increase height

(November 14, 2007)

I am 15 years old but my height 4.5 i want to increase my height 5.4 tell me how can i do it

Height is genetically predetermined at birth and depends greatly on how tall your family is. If your family is short, you will be short. If your family is tall, you will likely be tall. To this end, looking at relatives, specifically of the same sex as you, will likely give you a good idea of how tall you will become.

How to increase height

Your hope to grow almost one foot is very unrealistic, even at 15 years of age. Eating proper food and getting plenty of exercise may help you, but a foot may be unrealistic. Practicing yoga, and particularly focusing asanas on your spine and back, may unlock stress and tension in your back and spine and may add a centimeter or two to your overall height, but certainly not a foot. Try to practice asanas such as bridge pose, spinal twists and threading the needle pose. You may also benefit from some of the standing poses, such as tree pose and prayer pose. As with all yoga practice, if you are a beginner, please get proper instruction before practice. While yoga can be gentle, you can hurt yourself if you are not familiar with the asanas. And remember, be realistic with your yoga expectations.

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