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(June 17, 2008)

my age is 25 years. my height is only5\'3\". i tried many ayurvedic medecines and exercises but my height didnt increase. tell me can i increase my height now atleast 4cm. and how?

Yoga tips to grow tall  

Your height is largely determined by the length of your long bones. These long bones stop growing slowly as a person reaches adulthood. At your age it would be difficult to increase your height but you can definitely work on improving your posture which will in turn help you to look taller. The following yoga asana are to increase height and improve posture –

  • Tadasana – stand on the floor or on a yoga mat with your feet together evenly balanced and firm in the ground. Slide your hands on the sides of each thigh. Squeeze your thigh, abdomen in, and chest out. Keens as if you are trying to pull them apart. Breathe in. Slowly stretch your hands upwards from the waist to the head (you can feel your spine become straight and long). Hold in this position for 30 seconds and breathe normally. Exhale and relax completely. A variation of tadasana is also helpful, when you are in the above pose with hands stretched up towards the ceiling and feet firm in the ground take two steps forwards and two steps backwards and then relax. This will also be of great help.  
  • Half standing forward bend or Ardha uttanasana – stand straight on a yoga mat. Breathe in. Bend at the waist and touch your ankles with your hands, you can also place your hands on the ground. Now slowly bend your head towards the knees and hold in this pose for 30 seconds breathing normally. Exhale and return back to normal standing position.

Other yoga asana like adho mukha svanasana, vriksasana, salabhasana, balasana, and garudasana can also be performed. These poses will help you to improve your posture and also tone your body and make you look taller. However these poses can help you to increase your height only marginally. 

Submitted by S M on June 17, 2008 at 07:54

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