Tips to increase height

(November 12, 2007)

I am now 20 yrs n my height is 5'5

Your height is mostly determined by genetics, which means you can  et a good idea of how tall you will be by looking at members of your family. However, by 20 years of age, most people have reached their full height. Unfortunately, no amount of exercising or trips to the gym will increase your height. Actually, the only change in height that is likely to occur after the age of 18 comes when you are in your 50’s and older, when some people actually start to lose some of there height through a curving of their spine.

However, you may benefit by some yoga asanas, where you may be able to relieve some tension in your spine and add possibly a centimeter or two to your height. Try practicing some spinal twists, as well as bridge pose and thread the needle pose. If you are a beginner at yoga, do not push yourself too hard with the bridge pose and only hold the asana for 30 seconds at the most. There are specific beginner yoga poses that you can start with. Also, doing some standing asanas, particularly Tree Pose and Prayer Pose may also help relieve some stress in your spine. Remember to stand straight through these poses to receive full benefit.

Submitted by R W on November 12, 2007 at 01:13

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