my wife has enlarged breast , which is bigger than normal.ofcourse she is totally fat. i want to reduce her weight as well as her breast.what type of breathing exercise should be taken and tell me the postures name.

(June 17, 2011)

Many women yearn for bigger breasts, but there are others who actually prefer a more modest chest. Very large breasts can be a cause of embarrassment, can be quite inconvenient, can make it difficult to get the right kind of clothes and more importantly can cause quite a bit of back pain. Therefore many women prefer reducing their breast size. Different options are available to women wanting to make their breasts smaller. Natural breast reduction and surgical breast reduction are the two options. Breasts are mostly made up of fatty tissues and therefore, if a woman is on the heavier, it is quite likely that she may have large breasts. This may however not always be the case. If it indeed is the case, the best way to reduce the breast size will be to reduce overall weight.

When women opt for a workout routine, they do not always pay attention to their upper bodies. Exercise for breasts is not always high in the fitness agenda. Therefore, it is important to add breast exercises to a workout program. These exercises can either help decrease the breast size or increase the breast size. The most popular breast reduction exercise is the push up. Push ups done the right way and many repetitions help in decreasing the breast size. This however must be preceded by some form of cardiovascular exercise.

Yoga for breast reduction is another option. Yoga poses or asanas that help lose weight also help decrease the breast size. All inverted yoga poses and twisted yoga poses help bringing down the breast size if done regularly and consistently. The Arm stretch pose is another pose that helps making the breasts smaller. The Sirsasan or the head stand and the Shoulder stand pose are other poses that can be helpful. Power yoga poses can also be very effective. Power yoga gives a complete cardio workout to the body and it is well known that cardiovascular exercises help battling the bulge, be on the chest or elsewhere.

Firm breasts should be the main focus. This is because as women age, their breasts tend to sag and therefore it is important to take good care of them by wearing the right kind of bras, by exercising and by regular massage. Yoga exercises can be especially useful to tone up the chest. Not only do they help make the breasts smaller, but they also get firmer since they work the pectoral muscles, improve your posture and in turn make your breasts look firmer and perkier. Yoga also has breast exercises to increase the breast size. The cobra pose or the bhujangasan, the bow pose or dhanurasan and the ushtasan or the camel poses are just some of the few breast exercises to make them bigger. Breast exercises to lift them include the tree pose or the vrikshasan, the ardha matsynenderasan or the half twisted pose and the surya namaskar or the sun salutation pose. The surya namaskar can work both ways – it can be a breast exercise to reduce the size of breasts and can also help firm them. Health benefits of yoga are plenty. Not only is it a great form of exercise, but it also helps in harmonizing the mind and body, consequently enhancing the general well being of the individual.

Many health clubs offer different types of exercises classes that are very useful for overall body toning. Weights can helpful aids for breasts exercises for women. However, it is not necessary to hit the gym to be able to get a good pair of breasts. Breasts exercises for women at home can also do the trick. All yoga poses can be done at home and breast exercise equipments are also easily available that can be used at home. The breast exercise bar, the stability ball and free weights are some examples of such kind of equipment. Breast exercises for men also exist. These exercises are similar to those advised to women. There may only be a difference in the number of repetitions and the intensity of the exercises. Breast exercises as seen on TV can also be tried out. However make sure that you do not injure yourself while performing these exercises alone.

Breast exercises after lumpectomy are important. In lumpectomy a part of the breast is surgically removed to get rid of cancerous growth or other abnormal tissues. Since such a surgery can affect the arms and shoulders, it is important to perform regular exercise to consolidate this zone. Breast exercises after reconstruction and augmentation are also advised to women in order to care for the implants. However exercises after a breast reduction surgery must not be vigorous. It is necessary to get the right kind of advice from your doctor and surgeon before starting any kind of breast exercise.

Breast exercises during and after pregnancy are also crucial. During pregnancy the size of the breasts increases considerably as the woman’s body is preparing itself for breastfeeding. Exercises during pregnancy will help stimulate them, stimulate lactation and after pregnancy will help firm and tone the mother’s breasts which are likely to sag if they are not cared for.

Breasts are considered an important part of feminine beauty. Most women aspire to have beautiful breasts. Every culture attributes importance to this aspect of womanhood. Therefore it is but natural for women to be preoccupied with them. More so, the latest trends in fashion and the media hype has also added to the pressure of owning a beautiful pair of breasts. However, it is important to note that health is more important than beauty and thus overly obsessing about breast size is not a good thing. Surgery must be opted for only if the size of your breast is hampering you

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