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(November 9, 2010)

hi, please help me in increasing height by yoga. i want to do ramp modeling but i am only 5

Yoga consists of a series of postures that aim to improve an individual’s flexibility. These exercises also help to increase strength and enhance the mental state. Many yoga postures involve lengthening of the spine and hence promote correct posture. One can increase height through yoga in this manner. Yoga corrects balance and posture, thus enabling you to stand erect and tall. Yoga poses also stretch the body, mainly the back through various positions. These alleviate muscle tension and strain and the cartilages of the joints and back are able to lengthen.  Yoga exercises increase height also because of the focus on breathing. Deep breathing eases tension and stress of the body muscles. Tension of the muscles causes an individual to slouch and stoop. Once this tension is relieved, the individual is able to maintain correct posture. You can also increase stamina through yoga and this allows your back muscles to function properly.
Before you perform these yoga exercises to grow taller, it is advisable to consult a physician. It is also recommended that you practice yoga under the guidance of a trained yoga practitioner. Once you master the basics of yoga, you can perform it on your own. A popular yoga exercise to increase height naturally is Sukhasana (Easy Pose). It is the basic pose from which all other poses can be performed. This exercise tones the muscles of the hips and back. It also enables you to master control over your breathing. To perform the easy pose, sit in a cross legged position on the ground and place your hands on your knees. Control your breathing so that it becomes even and deep. Keep the spine upright and press your buttocks against the ground and lower the knees slightly. While breathing deeply, raise your arms straight above your head. Hold for a few seconds and then bring the arms back down slowly as you exhale. This posture may be repeated 5 to 6 times.
Other yoga poses that help to increase height are Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) and Tadasana (Mountain Pose). The Wheel Pose stretches the chest and stomach region and helps to lengthen the torso. It also eases stiffness from the back and side muscles. The Mountain Pose also helps to increase height and enhances the flexibility of the spine. It is beneficial for those with poor posture and is also the starting point for the standing yoga postures.

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Many people have resorted to yoga to increase their height. Yoga has many stretches for your entire body and especially your spine. Yoga gives your spine the balance and strength it needs to grow. If you want to learn how to gain height naturally, consider height increase with yoga. Height increase from yoga is possible as yoga stretches your body and particularly your back, through its full range of motion. Keep in mind that once you have reached your maximum height you cannot possibly grow taller that you actually are. Height increase from yoga will result is correcting your posture and also decompressing your spine. Good posture is where height gain begins and this is where practicing yoga for height increase will help you the most.  This will in turn make you look taller. What really makes you tall is the length of your bones and not your arms. Height increase by yoga stretching will not make your bones grow any more. Yoga will not stretch your bones no matter how hard you may try. If you practice certain yoga exercises which involve stretching and lengthening the spine, the spine will gradually thicken and decompress. This is believed to make you taller. This is what height increase from yoga will do for you.

Do remember that you will have to practice yoga daily if you wish to see a difference. Height increase by yoga stretching exercises will make you more aware of your body and will also teach you how to stand and sit properly. Height increase from yoga will make you realize how you should be walking and standing correctly. By walking and standing correctly, you will appear taller to yourself and the people around you. You will find that your postured has improved after just a few yoga lessons.

There are many yoga positions you can perform if you want to grow taller and increase your height. Some of these are Sukhasana (The Easy Pose), Trikonasana (The Triangle Pose), Dog and Cat Pose, Padahastasan (Foot Hand Pose), Padmasana (Lotus Pose) and even Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation). Height increase from yoga has numerous benefits. The yoga exercises help to keep your muscles and spine flexible. A different part of your body is strengthened by each yoga position as well.

As with any exercise plan, do check with a medical professional before undertaking any of the yoga positions.

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Wish you all the best with your practices and as a model.

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