Consciousness And Yoga

By Patricia | December 18, 2008
Speed Of Consciousness During Yoga

The word consciousness comes from a Latin word that is con = that, and scion = with which we know of oneself and our surroundings. In a nutshell you may put it in this way that all of the manifested universe, both visible and non-visible, physical and non-physical are all aspects of consciousness. In Yoga, the spirit principle of consciousness is known as Purusha. All the existence derives from an un-manifest universal consciousness, which is Purusha. Consciousness is basically all that we touch, hear, see, taste, feel, smell and think about. It is the totality of all our senses as we know it well. However this totality what we know is not all of the consciousness. In its initial stage, consciousness has no physical characteristics and it comprises of both feminine and masculine concepts that is Siva and Sakti.

To understand the speed of consciousness during yoga you will need to know the evolution of consciousness first. In simple words consciousness is like a three layer cake. The top layer is external and represents your own self as physical, emotional, mental self that engages with other people and things in external world. The middle layer of the cake represents the realms of reality along with the dreaming state in sleep and unconscious mental processing. This is a subtle layer and many people might not have many experiences. The bottom or last layer in the cake represents the casual level where both the gross and subtle realities emerge.

The speed of consciousness in which you lie will largely depend on the type of yoga you are performing. Spiritual yoga which helps to achieve the goal of self actualization will also take you through various speeds of concentration. To experience them you can practice raja yoga, Dru yoga, or Jnana yoga. To decrease the speed of your conciseness slow down your speed at which you perform the pose, your mind will naturally become calmer. Yoga nidra is a state of conscious deep sleep; in this stage you will experience different speeds of consciousness if you concentrate. In this pose you leave your waking state and go to deep sleep but still remain awake. The level of consciousness and speed will also depend on your practice for a particular pose and how well you perform the pose. The higher the physical comfort levels the higher will be the speed or level of consciousness and if you are uncomfortable performing a particular pose then the speed of consciousness will slow down.

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