Hatha And Iyengar Yoga Technique

By Patricia | January 12, 2009
Iyengar & Hatha Yoga Differences

Are Iyengar And Hatha Yoga The Same

The art of Yoga has many branches, which focus on different aspects of the human body. Hatha Yoga forms one of the oldest techniques of Yoga, which has been carried over many centuries to heal millions of people worldwide from various illnesses and dysfunctions.

Hatha Yoga forms a holistic approach to life, which includes building a strong body discipline, practicing various asanas (poses), purifying your soul through various mudras (hand poses), pranayamas (breathing techniques) and meditation. The Hatha yoga predominantly comprises of basic physical exercises in Yoga.

Hatha yoga endeavors to balance mind, body and soul through various asanas and calming the mind through pranayamas and relaxation techniques. The Asanas elucidate stability, balance and strength while focusing on increasing the physical health and purify the mental and emotional stress.

Hatha Yoga is truly challenging as a form of physical exercise, which strives to improve your flexibility, endurance, balance and strength. However Hatha Yoga is not all about physicality as it adds another realm to your Yoga practice by giving you the emotional strength by using various breathing techniques along with the physical poses. The relaxed breathing and mastering various modulations helps in achieving mental, emotional and spiritual being. This technique of Yoga comprises of various standing poses and sitting poses.

Iyengar is a technique, which complements the Hatha Yoga positions by stressing on using different kind of props. These range from using block, mats, chairs or even belts. The advantages of using these props are to help you adjust or customize your Yoga motion according to your body type and resistance. Over time you will notice your body getting more use to these props.

The Iyengar Hatha Yoga school of thought highlights the importance of keeping the perfect alignment of the body. To maintain a healthy posture, we need to incorporate Yoga in our lives with the help of a few tools or props, which enable us to perform Yoga to our maximum ability, and at the same time increases our stretching and flexing ability. Once the physical balance is created it automatically reflects on the mental stability of the individual.

To come back to your question, Hatha Yoga is the best exercise to keep your mind, body and soul in perfect harmony. It's known to cure problems of the external as well as the internal organs. Many recent studies have shown Yoga as an alleviating method for severe chronic problems such as osteoporosis and even certain cancers. One should definitely take up Hatha Yoga and Iyengar to maintain a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

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