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By Patricia | December 12, 2008
Yoga For Self Awareness

Is It Normal To Have A Back Ache After Yoga

Yoga is a healing therapeutic practice. Originating in India, it has been practiced across the world for over 5,000 years now. Yoga incorporates a series of poses, which when accompanied with breathing exercises and meditative practices, promote self awareness and self healing. In short, the foundation of yoga lies in its ability to heal, so if you experience backaches after a yoga session, something isn’t right.

Beginner’s Aches – Every beginner has his or her “aches and pains story.” It is natural to experience discomfort when taking on a new form of exercise. This is the case with yoga as well. Yoga involves a gamut of exercises that will stretch the muscles out of lethargy (or tightness, in case of regular exercising), and this includes the back. As you continue your practice, your body will get used to the postures and will respond positively. If the backaches continue to persist or prove to be very painful, alert your instructors.

Existing Physical Discomfort – If you already suffer from a weak back and you pursue the wrong yoga postures, you could simply aggravate your condition. Make sure your instructor is aware of your status so that he or she can establish a suitable routine; you may need to support your back till it is stronger, and or follow a modified routine so as to suit your physical condition; remember to always stop at any hint of discomfort of pain.

Exertion – It is easy to get carried away while exercising. In a bout of enthusiasm you tend to force your body beyond its limits and exert yourself. When this happens, the body reacts through pain. The back is a very sensitive area as it bears much of the body’s weight. In such a scenario, it is the first to get distressed. Remember, yoga is about quality; a fifteen minute yoga session done right is more beneficial than a back breaking forty minute routine.

It is equally important to ensure that you don’t push your body into postures it isn’t ready for. Doing this will only hurt the body. You will probably end up injuring yourself instead of getting stronger. Be patient with yoga and there will be no pain.

Wrong Style – The practice of yoga encompasses many different styles. It is essential that you find one that suits your body and needs. If you opt for a branch of yoga that is ill suited for your condition, you may suffer from discomfort, like backaches. This unfortunately requires some trial and error – if you feel drained and in pain after your yoga session, it’s time to find a new branch.

Remember yoga is about healing. If your session leaves you in pain, alert your instructor and make the necessary changes.

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