Yoga for increasing height

(April 1, 2008)

Hi,I am 21 my height is 5'0. Can I increase my height through yoga.plz help..

How to increase height with Yoga


Yoga for increasing height also offers additional benefits in promoting overall health wellbeing. The height of an individual usually halts when the person reaches pubescence, but certain yoga techniques can help the cause by actually delivering results. However not only does yoga increase height but it's many benefits also reach out in strengthening the bones and muscles of the individual. There are numerous techniques of yogic asanas that increase height. One such yoga technique being the easiest and most comfortable stretching exercise is known as Sukahasana. Sukahasana is also known as the sit or easy- position asana. This asana is instrumental in helping the individual to focus on deep breathing and concentrate on the self. It helps to fortify the lower back, align the spine correctly thus helping the back to elongate and also loosens the tension in the groin and the hips.

Sukhasana - Sit with your legs crossed and place your palms ace down on the knees. Close your eyes and concentrate on how you are going to correct your breathing. Maintain a straight posture and press the knees lower to the floor. Breathe slowly and deeply as possible. Draw in the air with your stomach. As you inhale lift up your arms above your head and as you exhale bring down your arms. Complete this process at least 10 times during one session.

Submitted by C D on April 1, 2008 at 04:09

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