Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

(August 1, 2008)

Suggest some weight losing yoga asanas?

Yoga can go a long way in dealing with weight loss and several people across the globe have realized the positive effects of yoga to treat overweight and obese individuals. For the people who have gained a few extra pounds, for them weight loss is the greatest achievement in life and yoga can help in weight reduction with simple and easy to do steps.

Generally weight is gained from the lower part of the body and mostly fats keep accumulating in the thigh region of the body. Several steps of yoga and postures help to provide relief from the bulky conditions in the hip region which provide freedom from the accumulation of the weight. Chakrasana (wheel pose) and Ardh Chakrasana (half wheel pose) helps to provide freedom from the weight loss in the lower part of the body.

Chakrasana is easy to learn and follow. It provides exercise to the upper part of the body by stretching the lower part of the body. Hence it helps in weight reduction from the lower end where fat tends to get accumulated. Breathing exercises should be practised along with the rest of physical exercises which helps to burn out the fats faster and provides relief to the body.

Other asanas which unite the breathing exercises with the physical ones help to provide better burning of the fats in the body and considerably helps in the reduction of weight.

A few of the other asanas like poorna vyagrasana (full twist pose) which involves sitting in the posture of the dogs and hens provides great exercise to the limbs of the body. It provides exercise to one limb at a time and the exercise can be taken for other limbs as well one by one. Practicing these exercises again and again rather then holding it for long time in one particular position helps in better reduction of the weight of the body and provides relief from stress by providing perfect exercises to the limbs.

These exercises of yoga provide toning of the body, especially the limbs and also helps to strengthen the muscles of the body. It also imparts strength and at the same time provides relief from the pain in any of the limbs along with the intention of providing relief from body weight. These exercises provide better toning to the abdomen and other organs of the lower body. It also serves greatly in the treatment of cervical spondylosis. The breathing exercises as a part of these asanas helps in better metabolism to burn the extra fats in the human body which helps in weight reduction.

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