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(June 6, 2008)

I am 20 yers old.my hight 5.6 .how i increase my hight.

Tips to increase height  

At age 20, it is likely that you can influence your height to a limited extent with the help of exercises and a proper diet. Do not succumb to any forms of OTC remedies or prescriptions to increase height without the advice of a medical practitioner. Yoga is one of the earliest structures of workout fashioned for physical as well as mental improvement. Below mentioned are a couple of Yoga asanas that is not only well-known but also easy to adapt and adopt in day to day life that will assist you in increasing your height.

  • Sukhasana: In the sukhasana procedure, you will have to sit on the floor or on a mat, cross legged with the feet contacting your opposite thighs, and with the palms resting on the thighs. As you sit in this position, close your eyes and deeply breathe in equivalent intervals.
  • Surya Namaskara: The Surya Namaskara is a holistic yoga asana and in itself combines many different postures and positions that exercise every part of the body. Performing Surya Namaskara alone will greatly benefit you in many aspects of fitness and not just in helping your bones to become more pliable. Apart from imparting a healthier feeling about oneself, surya Namaskar also helps to improve posture making the person look taller. Also perform right breathing exercises along with the correct postures. Postures associated with appropriate breathing techniques are known to improve height amongst growing children.

Submitted by C D on June 6, 2008 at 01:47

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