Unusual places to practice - Where to practice yoga

Break from the boredom of exercising in a studio and discover the joys of yoga in the great outdoors.
Unusual places to practice - Where to practice yoga

For most adherents in the initial or intermediate stages, practicing yoga means driving down to the yoga studio and joining a yoga class under the supervision of a yoga instructor. While no one denies the many advantages that yoga has to offer, practicing it in the same room repeatedly can get to be a drag. Once you have reached a certain level of mastery over the different yoga postures and are confident of doing them without the need for supervision, you can try practicing them in different places. One advantage that yoga has over other types of fitness regimes is that it does not require specialized equipment - all you need is your yoga mat!

Here is a list of unusual places where you can practice yoga to relieve the tedium of the yoga studio.

  • Outdoors – Weather permitting, practicing yoga outdoors can be an invigorating experience. Starting with the “Pranayama” or breathing exercises, breathing in the fresh morning air with its natural odors is the best way to shake off your morning blues. You can practice yoga anywhere you find convenient as long as you are confident that you won’t be disturbed. Your patio, backyard garden, public gardens – all can be converted into a temporary yoga studio of your choosing.
  • By the seaside – If you live by the coast, all you have to do is find a secluded spot on the beach and unroll your mat (again, weather permitting).
  • In the countryside – If you are going out camping or fishing, almost any place will do, be it at the riverside or in a wooded clearing. A word of caution - make sure that the ground is clear of all creepy crawlies! There’s nothing worse than holding a complex yoga posture and having a bug decide it’s time to explore your body!
  • Yoga safaris – Yoga safaris are nothing new. You can get to combine a great holiday along with your favorite fitness regime. Imagine practicing yoga in the vast open spaces of the Masai Mara in Africa. It’s definitely something for a bucket list.
  • On a quiet hillside – If you are lucky enough to have hills close by, it would be relaxing to drive up and find a quiet secluded spot away from the hustle of the city. Imagine sitting perched on a hilltop and doing the “Suryanamaskar” with the city spread out below you!
  • On a paddle boat – While this idea may sound strange to some, it is said to be beneficial as the surface of the paddle boat engages your core in a different manner. It is also reputed to improve your sense of balance.
  • In the snow – “Snowga” can be a lot of fun, almost as much as playing in the snow. It also helps you burn more calories!
  • Yoga retreat – There are many yoga retreats all over the world. From Spain to Goa to Sydney, there are countless yoga retreats that make for great holidays. Not all of these are expensive. Choose one that suits your pocket and it is sure to be a holiday to remember!

Apart from these different locations, there are certain times and places where you can try a few asanas for a quick recharge.

  • In traffic – The best way to deal with those infuriating traffic snarls is to take some time out and do some deep breathing exercises (Pranayama). Exhale away all the pent up frustration and calm down!
  • On an airplane – Stiff muscles on a long flight can be easily sorted out if you practice a few simple asanas while remaining seated. There are several poses that you can practice while you are seated that will help ease your stiff joints.
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