5 Best Yoga Apps

Never skip a yoga session or perform an incorrect Crane maneuver with these yoga apps in your pocket.
5 Best Yoga Apps

In today’s modern world of technology, we rely on our smart phones for almost everything, right from getting a secret recipe to locating the best bargains in town. Therefore it is hardly surprising that the age-old, sacred practice of Yoga has now gone mobile and is spreading rapidly, across the US. Yogis today have access to thousands of mobile Yoga applications, which allow them to look for the closest Yoga studio or learn tips on improving the way they perform the poses.

There is no replacement for learning Yoga at a studio, under the guidance of a proper, certified guru. This is mainly because practicing the various techniques, exercises and asanas (poses) under the supervision of a teacher helps minimize the risks of an error or an injury. However, many Yoga apps provide tutorials as well as complete virtual classes just at the click of a button. You may also hear the soothing, guiding voice of a Yoga guru as he gives you instructions on what you need to do.

With so many apps available, it is only natural for you to get confused about which ones to refer to. Given below is a list of the 5 most popular Yoga apps (in no particular order), based on people’s opinion –

  • Pocket Yoga – What sets Pocket Yoga apart from all the other apps is that it has a well-conceived structure for every routine. In this app, the poses elegantly flow into one-another, there is a counter for every pose and resting poses have been included (where required). You can also customize the app so that the music, images and instructor’s voice are to your liking. The application can be purchased for US$ 3.99.
  • Yoga In Bed – If you are trying to get a dose of Yoga before you begin your day, Yoga in Bed is the application that has probably been made just for you. For starters, you can replace your regular alarm with the app’s alarm and wake up to peaceful sounds. This application helps you feel calm and focused right from the time you wake up through a 23-minute routine that you can easily practice in your pajamas. What’s more, you also have a soothing and relaxing routine for the night, just before you decide to hit the sack. Yoga in Bed, which has a five-star rating, is available in different versions and they range between US$ 0.99 and US$ 4.99.
  • Breathing Zone – Yoga practice is incomplete without Pranayama or the Yogic breathing technique. Though it may sound simple, many beginners have difficulty in adopting the correct breathing technique required. Breathing Zone is like a visual guide to mindful-breathing, as it displays the in-and-out patterns of breath. It allows you to practice an easy, 5-minute breathing routine for just US$ 3.99.
  • Hot Yoga Doctor – All you Bikram Yoga followers can now refer to the hottest mobile app, designed especially for you. Hot Yoga Doctor provides everything you need during a Bikram Yoga session; the only thing missing is the heat! Get detailed instructions on the flow of all the 26 poses you need to know. You can also choose the duration of sessions you want to practice (90 minutes, 60 minutes and so on). All this is available to you for just US$ 9.99.
  • Yoga Free/Pro: Asanas and Exercises – This happens to be one of the most comprehensive applications available for Yoga beginners and enthusiasts. It includes step-by-step instructions for over 250 Yoga asanas, with images. You can also use this application to create your own program tracker, which allows you to put your asanas in a series. You will also have access to a calendar function to track your daily practice. This application also sends you a daily yoga quote. The basic application is free, but you can also choose to upgrade it for just US$ 0.99.

These apps give you a chance to visualize your breathing and give you more information on how to perform over 250 Yoga asanas correctly, without having to leave the comfort of your home. Therefore, you can now keep up your Yoga practice even when you are on the go.

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