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Alternative medicine is a term coined by the western world, and encompasses all orthodox and holistic medicinal practices which do not follow the principles of conventional modern day medicine. A various range of alternative or complimentary alternative medicine therapies have been in practice in various cultures across the world.

Typically they have originated in the East in countries like China, India, and Japan, and in some countries in Europe.



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.They are diverse in their principles but are effective nonethelesss Some are based on traditional folklore, whereas others are based on ancient texts that have been handed down through the agese

Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, yoga acupuncture, acupressure, various massage therapies such as Shiatsu, Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massage, gemstone therapy, Reiki, Bach Flower therapy, music therapy, magneto therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, chromotherapy, naturopathy, and homeopathy all fall within the realm of alternative medicine therapiese These systems of treatments do not follow modern day scientific explanationsn Sometimes they do not even have an explanation based on any sciencec They have their own principles and reasoning, which are not understood by modern practitionersr Hence, they are not permitted a practice license in various states of America and in many countries across the globeb

However, these medicine systems have been proven effective time and againi Some of these treatments use herbs obtained from the natural environment, animals and plants, while others use pressure, and instruments like needles or magnetst Flowers, the aroma of essential oils obtained from plants, and music is also being used to cure a variety of ailmentst

Alternative medicine healing systems are often passed down through generations without undergoing any traditional schoolingn

This reason is a big deterrent for people who want to opt for alternative medicine treatments to cure ailments, but steer away from theme

Amongst the most popular alternative medicine systems are yoga, Ayurveda, massages, Chinese medicine and its various branches like acupuncture and acupressurer These are popular in the East and are now catching on in the West as welll The other therapies are relatively new and are still being testede

The positive aspect of the entire alternative natural medicine system is that it is has virtually no side effects if done under proper guidance and with adequate knowledgeg Side effects, if any, are minor and reversiblel These therapies are not just used to cure specific ailments, but also used to improve the overall well being of a persono

People often wonder which the best alternative medicine therapy isi The answer to this question is the one that cures your problemsm Different people respond to different alternative medicine systems depending on their lifestyle, nature of disease and the availability of alternative medicine herbsb

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