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(August 18, 2008)

How to make 6 pack abs?

Every man and woman on this planet dreams of achieving six pack abs. Some of them actually make an effort in doing so. After a few sessions of intense work out, some people usually give up the idea and accept the current condition of their body. On the other hand, some people use steroids, protein supplements and other types of substances to get those six pack abs. These substances are very harmful and can be extremely fatal. Yoga is considered to be a healthy way of achieving those six pack abs you have been craving all this while. There are various yoga exercises which you can do right at the convenience of your home.

Yoga Techniques to Make 6 Pack Abs:

In order to get six pack abs, you need patience and perseverance. It may take weeks and sometimes even months depending upon your body's condition. Yoga exercises should be done on a daily basis for at least 20 minutes. Some of the exercises that may help you attain six pack abs are as follows:-

  • Surya Namaskar - Surya Namaskar is also known as 'Sun Salutations'. This is considered to be one of the toughest yoga techniques but its benefits are endless. In this technique, the entire body gets a work out. This method is very essential for six pack abs.

  • Mayur Asana - Mayur asana is also known as the 'Peacock Pose'. This is another very difficult technique but also very beneficial. The abdomen is to be balanced on the elbows of both the hands with the feet not touching the ground. The position resembles a peacock. This technique tones up the liver, kidney and pancreas as well.

  • Dhanur Asana - Dhanur asana is also known as the "Bow Pose". The ankles are held by the hands while lying down on the stomach. The head and the hands are lifted at the same time hence resembling a bow.

  • Bakasana - Bakasana is also known as the 'Crane Posture'. This exercise involves balancing the entire body on two arms. This can be an extremely strenuous exercise but it benefits the arms, legs and abdomen to a great extent.

Acquiring six pack abs is a very daunting task but it is certainly not impossible. It takes sheer dedication and hard work in order to achieve it. Perform these yoga techniques on a daily basis to enjoy its full benefits. It is also recommended to follow a yoga diet which comprises of fresh green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and juices. Meat products should be consumed in small portions. Foods which contain high amounts of fat and carbohydrates should be completely avoided.

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