i am HIV+?what should i do to keep myself fit and clean?

(May 24, 2012)

HIV or Human immunodeficiency virus is a part of a retrovirus family which causes AIDS. This condition can occur through the transfer of semen, blood, vaginal fluid or breast milk. HIV is prevalent in the bodily fluids. At the moment there is no known cure for a person suffering from an HIV infection. The main HIV treatment options include HAART or highly active antiretroviral therapy which has helped in benefiting a large number of HIV patients. There are newer drugs known as entry inhibitors which also provide another HIV treatment option. Normally AIDS progresses much faster among children than adults and hence the treatment for children is much more aggressive.

It is never really possible to eliminate the HIV found in the person’s body but what one can do is to keep the virus from further reproducing. The HIV treatment guidelines talk about the treatment and prevention of the HIV among transgender people and men who have sex with other men. Some of the natural HIV treatment options that people try include taking of selenium and amino acid supplements. There are various herbal supplements also available in the markets which are also given to patients suffering from HIV. It is important to check with your doctor whether you could exercise or practice yoga during this time.

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Is yoga helps reduce hiv

A diagnosis of HIV can be devastating for just about anyone, leading to negative emotions such as depression, loneliness and loss of hope. HIV also has a huge impact on a person’s immune system, leaving them susceptible to various health problems that their bodies would otherwise be able to fight off. This is probably why several health experts advise patients to practice certain poses and breathing techniques in yoga for HIV. These poses and breathing exercises help reduce the negative emotions that tend to develop in HIV patients. Moreover, yoga also fosters a sense of connection with the innermost self in those who are living with HIV. Several medical facilities have started including yoga as a part of their HIV treatment program.

It is important to realize that yoga does not really reduce HIV or cure a patient; however, this ancient practice is highly beneficial for HIV patients, as it slows down the progress of the disease to some extent, by preventing the spread of the virus. This in turn improves overall body image as well as mental health in patients. Patients suffering from HIV have managed to deal with many other health problems like headaches, anxiety, heart diseases, chronic pain, high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar and hypertension, just by practicing yoga regularly.

Before taking up yoga for HIV, it is absolutely essential that all patients consult their doctors. Moreover, patients need to realize that yoga can help enhance the treatment; it should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment.

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