Yoga for Back Pain

(August 8, 2008)

How to get rid of back pain?

Yoga can be used to provide strength to the back and also serves greatly to relieve back pain in an ease. Pain is caused due to fibrosis in the muscles and mobilization is the only way to relieve the body and back from acute pain. Yoga involves breathing exercises which increases the blood flow to various parts of the body. The blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to various organs and higher amount of oxygen helps the muscles to relax.

Once the muscles are relaxed the pain subsides and one can feel rejuvenated to carry out various tasks with great zeal and anticipation. Yoga exercises should be chosen with great care and new exercise should be undertaken only after checking that it doesn't cause any strain on other organs of the body. In case if it causes strain, it should be stopped immediately. Once you have chosen a few exercises of yoga, they should be practiced regularly and duration should be increased slowly and steadily. Each pose of yoga should be held for sometime in order to avail benefit from the specific posture of it.

A few postures of yoga like the corpse position helps in relieving one from the pain in the back region as it is associated with the stretching of the limbs so as to apply the desired stretch to the back region. Breathing exercises helps in providing relaxation to the body and at the same time it provides energy to the muscles of the back and the shoulders. Various other postures of yoga like cat stretch and wind pose also helps in providing support to the back in order to free itself from the intense pain.

A gentle twist in the back like a sage twist provides support to the muscles of shoulders and relieves them of pain caused due to fatigue muscles. Palm tree position includes stretching of all the body parts in order to mobilize the muscles which have undergone fibrosis. Fish pose helps in enhanced breathing which relieves the muscles from the acute pain. These positions should be held for sometime and a few repetitive exercises of the same asanas help in providing comfort to the back of the individual. Bending forward as a part of most of the asanas like surya namaskar and locust position helps in providing instant relief from the back pain. It may cause little pain at the time of practicing the asana but provides a sure cure.

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