Height Increasing Yoga Exercises

(August 1, 2008)

Can we increase our height by practicing yoga, if yes what sort of exercises?

Everyone wants to be tall these days and it is wonderful to walk with grace while one has a slim and tall body. Lower height may at times cause inferiority complex in people and they try their best to increase their height in wide variety of ways. Yoga is a blessing in disguise for such people who want to increase their height in a natural manner.

Height can be increased in early days of childhood and that is the prime time for height increase as the body is in the normal growth period. Later on the percentage of height increase is considerably reduced but still yoga can go a long way to support the individual for height increase. Height can be increased even in the period of puberty if regular exercises are undertaken and sufficient time is devoted to it.

Diet rich in vitamins and minerals as well as calcium helps to provide sufficient nutrients to the bones and helps them grow while the yoga exercises can provide the desired stretch to the muscles so that it can be elongated to suit the increased height of the individual. Yoga helps to provide stretch to the bones and tone the muscles and gives a better and perfect shape to the human body.

Limb stretch especially the legs is highly beneficial for height increase. Surya namaskar ( Sun Salutation ) involves various postures of yoga which provides stretch to the legs as well as the back which works wonders for height increase of the individual. The steps of surya namaskar should be repeated for quite a number of times rather than being in a specific position for long as constant elongation and relaxation provides the desired result for height increase. Breathing exercises too should be considered as a tool to rejuvenate the body and it increases the metabolism rate which helps in overall growth of the human body.

Specific asanas like trikosana ( triangle pose) provides support to the back and at the same time increases the height of the person. It helps in reduction of the fat near the belly region. Other asanas like bhujangasana ( cobra pose ) is a considerably relaxing posture which helps to provide stretch to the back and helps in better functioning of the digestive system. Taking deep breath also helps to provide the relaxation to the body. A few other asanas like vajrasana ( thunderbolt pose) provides exercise to the knees and ankles and stretches the body for height increase. Shavasana ( dead body pose ) should be followed before and after yoga exercises as it helps the body to relax at the same time provides comfort and ease to the mind and the body.

Submitted by R J on August 1, 2008 at 08:17

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