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(June 18, 2008)

i am 5' 4

Yoga to Increase Height 

A person's height is very much determined by genetics, heredity, age and the length of the bones. The long bone growth tappers as soon as a person reaches his adulthood or puberty. If you are under the age of 16-18 years then the following yoga poses will help you to increase your height. But if you are above the mentioned age then it becomes difficult to increase your height, but definitely with the help of these poses you can improve your posture which will in turn help you to look taller. Try the yoga asanas like tadasana, vriksasana, garudasana, balasana adho mukha svanasana, adho mukha svanasana, and salabhasana are great to increase your height and improve your posture.

Salabhasana – lie flat on your stomach on a yoga mat. Place your chin on the ground and forehead above. Slide your hands under the thighs with palms facing down. Breathe in deeply. Lift your legs off the ground and arch your back slightly. This should happen in such a way that your body should look and curve like a shape of a banana. Hold in this position for 10 seconds and breathing normally. Try to stretch your both extremities that is your toes and your head in opposite direction as fat as possible and as far as you feel comfortable when you are holding in this position. Breathe our and relax. A variation of this asana can be raising your left arm and right leg simultaneously and then repeat with right arm and left leg.

Vriksasana – stand with your feet firm in the ground. Keep your thighs tight and knees apart. Bend right leg at the knee ad place the right feet in the inner side of the left thigh near to the crotch. Shift your weight lightly to your left feet. Now bend your hands at the elbow touching both the palms and then stretch your arms over your head as if you want to touch the ceiling. Hold in this pose for 30 seconds breathing normally. Breathe out and relax.

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