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(September 14, 2010)

I am 19 years of age ..my height is 5'8 ..suggest me some yogas so that i can increase my height ..

Height increasing yoga or yoga exercises that help to increase height are being tried out by people the world over. If you are want to gain height naturally, try out some height increasing yoga and incorporate this into your exercise program. Yoga helps to stretch your body through its full range of motion. Yoga also helps to decompress the spine which in turn helps to make you look taller. Keep in mind that what makes a person taller is the not the length of that person’s arms, but the length of his/her bones. Remember that yoga will not make your bones longer. This can only be achieved by surgery. Growing tall with yoga is possible as the yoga exercises teach you how to stretch and lengthen your spine. Height increasing yoga also teaches you how to carry yourself properly. It teaches you the correct posture and how to walk properly and how to sit properly as well. After only a few lessons of height increasing yoga you will become aware of your own posture and you will start walking better and standing straight. This itself will make you appear taller to yourself and to the people around you.

Do check with your medical professional before you start on any yoga exercise program. One height increasing exercise that will help you is Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation).  Some others that have been known to help are Sukhasana (The Easy Pose), Trikosana (The Triangle Pose) and Dog and Cat Pose.

Height increasing Pilates exercises have helped people to increase their height but in a majority of the cases, these people had already suffered a decrease in height due to age. As you grow older, the discs in the spinal vertebrae lose elasticity and hydration. The chest and shoulder muscles become tight and the back muscles become stretched and weak. The neck loses mobility as well. Pilates exercises help to strengthen all these core muscles. The muscles along the back are strengthened and the front of the body is stretched after doing the exercises. Over a period of time, these muscles help to correct posture and therefore are effective in restoring lost height. Perform the following three exercises regularly along with other height increasing exercises. This will result in a conditioning and strengthening of your spine. The three Pilates exercises are Scapular Isolation Exercise, The Hundred Abdominal Exercise and the Breast Stroke Prep Exercise.

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Yoga Poses for Increasing Height  

Some key techniques in yoga are designed to address particular systems and internal organs and the body.  Specifically among them are the hormonal system, lymph glands and nodules, the endocrinal system, etc. all the important hormones lie in the endocrinal systems and the hormones secreted by these glands are released directly into the blood stream.  Most functions in the body and are controlled by the hormones, and one important aspect which is the growth of individual greatly depends upon these hormones in addition to genetics.  The various exercises in yoga stimulate all these hormones in numerous ways from increasing the flow of blood in the brain, to keeping a check on the weight and height and the metabolism of the individual.
Most yoga enthusiasts are of the belief that yoga in itself is the answer to proper functioning of the internal organs, thanks to the various body movements, stretches, meditation techniques, relaxation, twists and massages experienced when performing the exercises.  Although scientific study has yet to prove yoga to be a credible form of therapy, it has brought great relief to the numerous students who practice yoga daily.

One important posture in yoga is the palm-tree pose also known as tadasana. In this particular posture, the individual sitting and standing posture is corrected and the final position achieved through this pose resembles that of a palm tree. Tadasana is highly recommended to improve the height and released the spine of tension and stress and make it more flexible.  Moreover it is also used in relieving the back of various strains and pains.  A note of caution -- do not perform this particular form of exercise if you experience dizziness or a reeling sensation.

Try to be as calm and composed as possible when performing this exercise. Tadasana is more of a balancing pose, and hence care must be taken not to jerk when balancing in the particular position.  Also perform the sun salutation along with Tadasana for highly beneficial results.  These set of yoga exercises done twice a day, one early in the morning and early in the evening, will help you to achieve the desired results gradually but surely.

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