Height increasing poses

(June 24, 2008)

how do i increase my height?

Yoga Tips to Increase Height

There are numerous exercises that can stimulate growth of an individual, that is, if the individual has not yet reached puberty. Swimming, jogging, cycling etc. are some exercises known to stimulate the growth hormones. In yoga however, there are a wide range of positions or asanas that influences of growth or height in children while developing the other parts of the body. The regular practice of Tadasana is useful in increasing the height in teenagers and children and also correcting the breathing techniques, while improving and strengthening the lungs. Tadasana and padahastasana are to useful exercises in increasing the height of children.

It is important to note that the exercises in yoga are not fashioned or designed to make a person grow naturally, but rather it helps to correct wrong habits or incorrect postures which may be impediments to natural growth. Yoga in itself is a holistic way of correcting and curing the body.

Another useful yoga position known as the trikonasana is instrumental in developing the body especially the chest and the trunk.  It also helps reduce superfluous fat along the torso, and correcting limb deficiencies.  One of the best yoga exercises is known as sarvangasana which is useful in the overall development of the child.  This part to exercises also helps to stimulate the hormones which are responsible for the growth of an individual.  Due to a stimulation of the thyroid and pituitary glands the height of the individual can be greatly influenced.  Moreover, this particular exercise also helps well in reversing the effects of premature graying of hair.

These and other specific yoga exercises are known to assist in the overall growth of an individual provided he or she has not yet attained puberty.  If you are new to yoga, you must take the help or be under close supervision of a yoga teacher for you to understand the exercises better and in order for the exercises to be more effective in treating the condition.

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