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(November 9, 2010)

Can we increase height after 20 years of age

According to an individual’s sex and age, the height and weight can be calculated. The weight and height can vary from a lower limit to an upper limit of normal. This will depend on the body frame of the parents and the build of the child’s body. By nine years of age, the height growth of an average boy should have reached 75 percent of his height at adulthood. By eight years of age, the height growth of an average girl should have reached 75 percent of her adult height. By the time she reaches 19, she would have grown double of the height that she was when she was 2 years old. There are a number of weight, age and height charts available for children. It is important to ensure that the child eats healthy foods and exercises regularly to maintain an optimum balance of height and weight. Exercises like jogging, running, and swimming are very effective.
You could refer to a weight, age and height chart that provides an average range of ratios for adults over the age of 18.To avoid diseases and illnesses, it is important to maintain a healthy body weight. If you find the condition you’re in against the weight, age and height chart outside the general range, losing or gaining weight can help improve your health, energy levels and self-confidence.  For females over 18 years of age and with the height of 4’10’’, the lower limit weight is 102 and upper limit is 131 with an average of 116.5 pounds. If the height is 5’5’’, the lower limit weight is 117 and upper limit is 155 with an average of 136.0 pounds. If the height is 6’0’’, the lower limit weight is 158.5 and upper limit is 179 with an average of 168.8 pounds.
For males over 18 years of age, the average height and weight will be different. For males over 18 years of age with the height of 5’2’’, the lower limit weight is 128 and upper limit is 150 with an average of 139.0 pounds. When the height is 6’0’’, the lower limit weight is 149 and upper limit is 188 with an average of 168.5 pounds. By using certain information like gender, ethnic group, weight, father’s height, mother’s height and age, a height calculator can be used to provide the average height. For you to be healthy, it is important that you work to balance your weight and height by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis.

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Height is generally determined mostly by genetics.  By this we mean that you can often tell roughly how tall you will be by looking at relatives in your family (particularly relatives of the same sex as you).  Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will grow any taller after the age of 18 or 19, as this is when most people have completed all their growing.

Nevertheless, you may gain an additional centimeter or two by practicing yoga.  Try focusing on asanas that target your back and spine.  Try spending some time each day doing spinal twists, bridge pose and even thread the needle pose.  This will hopefully unlock some tension in your spine.  As well, you may benefit from some of the standing poses, such as tree pose and prayer pose.  Remember to stand up straight during these poses or else you will not receive any benefit.

As with any yoga practice, make sure you start out slowly if you are a beginner.  Rushing poses or trying difficult poses without proper instruction can often hurt you in the long run.  Hold new poses for only 30 seconds and remember to breathe deeply and steady.  If done properly, I’m sure you will see an added centimeter or two.

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