Raja Yoga - A Classical Yoga

Raja basically translates into ‘king’ or ‘royalty’. Raja yoga is also known as ‘royal yoga’ or ‘royal union’.

Some of the other terms that Raja yoga is referred by are – Ashtanga yoga or eight limbed yoga and Classical yoga.


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How to do raja yoga

The aim of Raja yoga is to guide the conscious mind of the individual using mantras or chants and prayers as this in turn will positively affect the subconscious mind of the person. As such, Raja yoga is known to help in promoting the energetic and emotional well being of an individual. Raja yoga should ideally be practiced for 15 minutes on a daily basis first thing in the morning to have positive energy all through the day.

Steps to perform Raja yoga:

  1. To begin practicing Raja yoga, you are required to be seated in a comfortable position. With your eyes shut inhale and exhale deeply, gradually allowing your body and mind to calm down. Many a times, you may still have thoughts that come to mind which should not be focused on and instead allowed to simply pass.
  2. Thereafter you may keep repeating a chant. This chant should be repeated with a lot of concentration at least 15 times.

  3. The same chant can also be used anytime you feel confused, angry or frustrated. It helps calm your mind.
  4. The Raja yoga meditation should be completed by stating loudly that your soul is peaceful and that you would be able to transfer that peace to every individual you interact with.

Yoga lessons

One of the advantages of taking yoga lessons at home is that you can be more focused. On the other hand yoga lessons for beginners should ideally be in a classroom with proper supervision so that they do not accidentally hurt themselves. One of the biggest benefits of online yoga lessons is the marginal cost that you pay as compared to a classroom training. Additionally, online yoga classes also take away the need to travel or take time away from work to accommodate the classroom timings.

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