Kripalu Yoga For Beginners

Kripalu Yoga for beginners is a great tool for self empowerment as well as for personal growth. The practice of Kripalu Yoga helps beginners strike at their own inner-knowing instead of being dependent on direction from others.

Beginners learn to be open to what their seniors have to offer. And all this, without relinquishing their powers to reason; in fact they learn to discriminate and make their own decisions.


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Simultaneously, they also create a cherished and fostering relationship with their bodies and minds.

Each and every sensation is sacred. It is responded to with gentleness and empathy. Moreover, you go into every session with a prayerful attitude. In Kripalu Yoga your body is considered the temple of your soul. In it you learn to call upon the presence of the Supreme Self. This is intended to take the practitioner to new depths in his / her practice and in life on the whole.

In Kripalu Yoga basics class students learn the fundamentals of safe yoga practice: poses, alignment, breathing exercises and relaxation. Instructors help students learn to adapt and adjust the poses to suit their own individual needs.

The pace of Kripalu Yoga classes is normally slow and steady. Students are provided with printouts to demonstrate the poses so that they are able to go home and practice. Such simple fun homework assignments help students integrate what they learn in class. All students learn to have fun in the Kripalu Yoga basics class and go away all keyed up with a feeling of relaxation.

Normally, Kripalu Yoga basics classes are 8-week sessions. Students are usually welcome to begin anytime and go to any class. Basics classes are filling up everywhere in the world of Kripalu Yoga. Those intending to join are strongly advised to call centers to reserve their space in the Basics class they plan to attend.

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