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Within the twinkling of an eye the human mind let’s go of over a thousand thoughts. Some of them lose their way in the unconscious. Some stick in the subconscious to ultimately influence the unconscious.

These ideas and notions turn into feelings, emotions, desires, fantasies or multi-realities. Oftentimes, rather than master the mind, the mind ideas and notions take control of us.


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As a result, we make impetuous and spontaneous decisions, communicate ineffectively and generate stressful situations for ourselves.

Tantra Yoga facilitates breaking through these subconscious blocks in a manner that is able to life better – lead a more wholesome and fulfilled life. Within the least time, you will be able to experience discharge of loads of burdens and extra weight that you have been bearing in your mind. As you look upon and do something every moment with lucidity of thought, you will get a deeper insight into yourself. Subsequently, your life will change – for the better and our mind, body and soul will act in unison with each other. Hence, Tantra Yoga is the pathway to individual emancipation and that awakened consciousness and will bring more success to every area of your life.

Tantra Yoga states that desires are natural. So long as we are embodied, we will have them.

Our sense organs serve as windows to the outside world. Through them desires enter. The relentless presence of desire gives rise to a longing and attachment to the object of desire. Most desires are focus around our physical body, its security and wellbeing. Most of us tend to become slaves to our natures that comprise the lower part of our personalities. Subsequently we fall prey to agitation, loneliness, anxiety, dissatisfaction, selfishness and misery. Tantra Yoga provides practical means and devices to reprogram our minds and desires. Through these physical and ritual cleansing techniques, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, visualization, mantra incantation (Japa), Tantra Yoga helps us unfold our divine nature.

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