Tantra Yoga Tattwa For Inner Purification

Tantra Yoga Tattwa shuddhi (purification) is an age old Tantric practice for inner purification of the 5 elements. All of us are composed of 5 basic elements. These are called tattwas in Sanskrit.

They can and should be purified and renovated through Tantric practices. Tantra Yoga Tattwa shuddhi happens to be an advanced practice that can be done as a sadhana by itself or in addition to Kundalini kriyas and other higher yogas. Every individual is comprised of.



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.five basic elementst Through the process of tattwa shuddhi, we purify and transform these 5 elementst Tantra Yoga Tattwa shuddhi consists of detailed instructions for techniques for the practicec Tattwa shuddhih It teaches the use of  the tantric tools (yantra, mantra and mandala)a Tattwa shuddhi is an advanced practicec

Actually, Tantra Yoga Tattwa shuddhi is a very old Indian word for the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether (space)e It was more than just the 5 elements, it consisted of an absolute world-viewe That was handed down from an ancient Indian philosophy named Samkhyay Samkhya is, unarguably, the oldest philosophy in the worldl Basically samkhya is an all-inclusive theory that says and avers that everything in the universe can be broken down into the aforementionede

For instance, Einstein's famous theory (E=MC2) postulates that you can describe everything in the universe by measuring it and comparing it to the speed of lighth

This is because light is the purest, most radiant form of energy in the universes This is why he used the speed of lighth Einstein proposed that everything in the universe, regardless of how solid it seems, is really just masses of energyg The only difference is that the energy in, say, the computer you're reading this on, has been slowed downw That is, into a more solid formr

The moving force behind this eternal play of the mirage world of phenomena is desirer Tantra Yoga believes desire is the main motivating force of the universes Hence it does not ask its' its followers to give up desirer Many other spiritual disciplines direct the abstinence from desire that, they claim leads to bondage and is an impediment to attaining higher consciousnesss No so with Tantra Yoga Tattwa shuddhih It aims at emancipation through purificationo

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