Symptoms and Home Remedies for Sunburn Blisters

By Patricia | June 16, 2009

Prolonged exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun is harmful for the skin and can cause various problems including sunburns and skin cancer. People with darker skins usually have a better resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet rays than fair skinned people, but everybody is at risk of a sun burn if there is excessive exposure to the sun. The main symptoms of a sunburn which start appearing anytime from 1 hour to 1 day after exposure include redness of the affected skin, skin peeling and swelling of the skin. In severe sun burns, liquid filled blisters erupt all over the affected skin adding to the discomfort. This kind of rash can also be accompanied by nausea, fever and chills. In order to treat and soothe the symptoms of a sunburn you can use several home remedies.

The most important thing in treating a sunburn is keeping the skin cool and hydrated, for which you should drink plenty of liquids in the form of water and fresh fruit juices. You can also keep the skin cool by applying cold compresses which have been dipped in a solution of ice water and vinegar. This helps to soothe the burning feeling and pain by drawing out heat from the skin, speeding up the healing process. For instant relief from the burning, you can mix some baking soda in water and apply this paste over the affected areas. Tomato juice is highly beneficial for treating sun burnt skin, so you can mix a mashed tomato with some crushed ice and then gently apply this all over the affected parts to get immediate relief from the pain. Alternately you can mix 2 tsp of tomato juice with 4 tbsp of buttermilk, apply it on the burnt skin and wash off with cool water after 30 minutes. Another effective home remedy for sun burnt skin is application of cucumber juice on the affected parts of the skin. This helps to cool the skin, soothing the pain and also speeds the healing process. Aloe Vera juice is also recommended for treating sun burns, so you can apply some fresh juice extracted by slicing open the fleshy leaf of the plant and leave it to dry and get absorbed by the skin. Vitamin E oil is also beneficial for treating all kinds of skin problems including sun burns. Finally it is important to avoid exposure to the sun by keeping the skin covered with loose cotton clothing when you step out, especially in the afternoon.

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