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(May 24, 2012)

Kayakalpa yoga is that ancient type of yoga which was mainly practiced in Southern India to increase and enhance a person’s life energy. It comes from the two words which mean “body” and “immortal”. Hence kayakalpa yoga was mainly formulated to help in immortalizing one’s human body. The kayakalpa yoga postures aim to strengthen a person’s nervous system and tone their nerves. The kayakalpa poses also include transforming of a person’s sexual energy to a form of spiritual energy. Kayakalpa yoga helps to maintain a person’s youthfulness and also is said to help in improving a person’s memory. It can help in strengthening the female uterus and also helps to strengthen other parts of a woman’s reproductive system. Kayakalpa yoga also aims to boost a person’s immune system and reduce intensity of disease like diabetes, asthma and other skin diseases. Some people find that doing the kayakalpa poses helps them in getting mentally much stronger. Kayakalpa is hence a cleansing and healing practice and should always be done under the supervision of a trained yoga professional. Kayakalpa yoga mainly involves two exercises. These are the toning of the person’s nervous system and the practice of the Ojas Breath. Kayakalpa is said to help one to slow down the ageing process.

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What are the benefits of kayakalpa yoga?

Kayakalpa can be described as an ancient technique in yoga that was mainly practiced in the southern part of India, by the Siddhas. The main objective behind the practice of this technique was the enhancement of life energies. While there are several different kayakalpa yoga benefits that can be enjoyed, people practiced this technique to improve the quality of life, delay the ageing process and maintain good physical health and usefulness.

In the modern times, many women are advised to practice this yoga technique in case they are suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Women who have practiced this form of yoga claim that it also helps in weight loss, by getting rid of excess fat from the body. Given below are some of the other common kayakalpa yoga benefits:

  • Treating chronic disorders and diseases, like skin problems, asthma, diabetes and piles
  • Relieving stress from the body thereby improving concentration
  • Boosting immunity, which reduces the risks of several diseases
  • Optimizing brain performance
  • Bringing about a positive transformation in a person’s attitude, character and lifestyle
  • Increasing the levels of serenity in a person, allowing them to lead a happier life
  • Improving memory and understanding abilities
  • Getting rid of unhealthy practices like drinking and smoking
  • Toning up the nervous system

Though there are several different kayakalpa yoga benefits, it is important to consult a doctor before practicing this yoga technique.

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