Yoga for acid reflux

(July 25, 2008)

I am suffering from acid reflux. Is their any remedy through yoga?

Yoga has been known to help and improve various disorders such as heart problems, irritated bowel syndrome, and back aches. There are specific forms of yogasanas that can help to relieve an individual of symptoms relating to acid reflux. One such pose is known as the Easy Pose or the Sukhasana. The easy pose is one of the well known and easy to perform postures. It is also a pose to initiate meditation and can be done after performing the corpse pose. Sukhasana helps in stretching the spinal cord, regulating the metabolism, boosting inner peace and keeping the mind at rest.

The cat pose on the other hand also known as the Bidalasana helps the individual in initiating movement from the center of the being to coordinating one's movement and breathing patterns. These two important elements in the practice of yoga help in keeping the mind at rest and staving off stomach problems. However the Cat Pose may not be recommended or suggested if the individual is facing long-lasting and recurrent back aches or injuries. The Dog pose or the Ardho Mukha Shavanasana is another effective yogasana in improving the flexibility of the spinal cord and also helps in stretching the lower body and the back. It is useful in exercising the lower half of the body and helps the body to rejuvenate in addition to preventing further back aches or pains. The half spinal posture or the ardha matsyendrasana is greatly beneficial in lengthening and strengthening the spinal cord. One must take extreme caution or take the advice of a qualified instructor before beginning this pose. The half spinal twist is helpful for the improvement of the liver, the kidneys as well as the hormonal glands.

The Wind Relieving Pose or the Pavanamuktasana is the best known yogasana for the treatment of stomach problems. This particular pose helps in release stomach gases effectively and without any pain or discomfort. By working specifically on the digestive system, this pose is beneficial in eliminating gas from the stomach. Lastly the most comfortable and relaxing of all yogasanas is the corpse pose. The corpse pose also referred to as the Shavasana can be practiced in between classic yogasanas or as a conclusion to all the yogasanas. The Corpse Yoga Pose is considered as a classic relaxation Yoga Pose and is practiced before or in between Asanas as well as a Final Relaxation. Although it may appear as completely simple, it involves relaxing the mind and the body at the same time.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:36

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