What is Namaste yoga?

(July 1, 2010)

The literal meaning of Namaste is ‘I bow to you’. In India, folding ones hands and saying Namaste is the ususal way of greeting others. The hands are brought together at the heart chakra while doing Namaste. This increases the flow of divine love, and closing ones eyes and bowing the head, is done to surrender the mind to the divinity in the heart. Namaste is often done as a meditation technique to delve deeper inside the heart. When Namaste is done with someone else, it is a form of quick and peaceful meditation.

Namaste yoga lets two people come together and form a connection. Namaste is often done at the beginning of the class and at the end of a class. The teacher does Namaste as a symbol of respect and gratitude towards his students, and the students do Namaste to connect with the teacher.

What is Namaste yoga? All types of yoga balance the body and the mind. There are various forms of yoga to achieve this end. Yoga can be done in heated rooms, with traditional postures and slow stretching, or in a quick and vigorous way. Namaste yoga is another form of yoga. In Namaste yoga, the person folds his hands and places them together at the heart chakra. The fingers point upwards, and the person closes his eyes and bows his head. You can perform Namaste yoga by putting your hands together, right in front of the third eye and bowing your head. You should then, slowly bring your hands to your heart.

Done at the beginning and end of every class, Namaste yoga is known to de-clutter the mind from stressful thoughts and worries. Namaste yoga frees the mind and relaxes the body with positive energy. Namaste yoga is a very respectful type of yoga.

Expectations from a class: As we mentioned earlier, Namaste yoga is done to clear away the stressful thoughts and nourish the mind with positive energy. It is also a kind of yoga that shows respect to others. You can also say the word Namaste aloud. When you do so, it conveys the same meaning as the gesture. A class of Namaste yoga will comprise of traditional yoga postures. After the session is over the instructor will thank the students for coming to the class and end it with a heartfelt Namaste. The also wishes him Namaste and they too place their hands at the heart chakra and bow their head.

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