How To Perform Heron Pose?

(July 2, 2010)

The heron pose is an advanced pose in yoga. It is ok to attempt the pose but one should do so without pushing the body too much as this can cause injury. In such a complicated pose it is perfectly alright for beginners to get halfway into the pose and return to the previous pose without attempting to go further. The heron pose is restricted to one side of the body. When one performs the right side heron pose, one can follow it with the left side heron pose.  

The heron pose starts with a person sitting in the Hero pose. The Hero pose is the pose where one sits with the back upright and the legs folded backwards. The buttocks should be seated on the ground with the ankles on either side of the buttocks. Some people who are stiff may sit on the ankles if they are unable to sit with their buttocks touching the floor. Once in this position, stabilize the body and take deep regular breaths.

Following this, one can try the Right Side Heron Pose. This is done by extending the right leg out of the Hero position so that the left leg remains in the position and the right leg is supported by the foot which is placed just in front of the buttocks. The hands should then be crossed under the right foot and the foot extended outwards. When extending the leg one should be inhaling.

The pose is complete when the leg is all the way up with the toes pointing at the ceiling. However, it is not possible for everyone to try this at the first attempt which is why it is important to understand the sensations in your body as you are attempting the pose. If there is any excessive pain experienced while attempting the pose, it is likely that your limit has been breached. In such a situation, retract the pose to the point just before the pain has occurred. This pose can be repeated every yoga session with gradual increases in the extension of the leg until a full Heron pose is achieved. Any position where the leg is extended beyond 45 degrees from the floor is acceptable as long as the back remains straight the arms extended and the knee locked in a straight position.

When shifting from the right side to the left side, return to the Hero position and calm the breath down before attempting the left sided position.

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