What is the main principle behind Pranayama?

(July 25, 2013)

The word Pranayama originates from Sanskrit and means “the breath of life”. When done properly and in repetitions, the Pranayama can be very beneficial. The Pranayama works on many different levels.

Let us see how Pranayama works. On a physical level, Pranayama strengthens the lungs. Everyday breathing is shallow and hurried and often does not help us as it should. Pranayama teaches us deep breathing. Breathing deeply can also help us deal with mental disturbances like stress, tension and anxiety. It calms us and improves the brain’s thinking capabilities. Focussing on breathing helps the brain narrow its meandering ways and achieve other tasks and responsibilities much more effectively. Pranayama is also a great way to improve your sleep pattern.

The importance of Pranayama is always underestimated. These might seem like simple breathing exercises but in the long run, when practised regularly, these provide great long lasting benefits like improved stamina. From major illnesses related to organs and hormones to simple allergies, all can be tackled with regular Pranayama.

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