Yoga medicines to reduce fat

(April 10, 2008)

I would like to know which medicine should we use when we have fat in our body. Lisa Gupta

Yoga medicines to reduce fat 

There are no medicines involved in the practice of yoga. Yoga is a complete body workout and it only involves the practice of positions or asanas as they are known. The only known constituent for yoga is plenty of fresh clean air, a calm atmosphere and lots of clean water. Yoga is a system of healing cleansing the body through its theory and practice. yoga is a collection  of breathing techniques, physical positions, and meditative techniques that  together is a form of alternative holistic 'medicine' for the entire body. Moreover it is also used as a supplemental therapy for complicated abnormalities such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, AIDS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) amongst other diseases. Most importantly yoga is used to attain body health and also achieve weight loss in totality. With the right type of diet, yoga is a healthy complement to a perfect healthy lifestyle. There are no forms of pills, potions, or drugs involved in the practice of yoga. Herbs and certain plants have immense curative properties but these need to be consulted with a physician who will advise the right dosage and the kind of herbs to be had for the ailment.

Please do not be encouraged by anyone who endorses drugs with yoga. It is not a rightful practice to advice students of yoga to consume unknown medicines that are not part of yogic therapy. Drink plenty of water throughout the day in addition to performing the asanas required for weight loss.

Submitted by C D on April 10, 2008 at 05:25

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