Calculator for Calculating Calories Burned while Walking

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 21, 2012

Given the fact that obesity is a very common condition, to the extent of being labeled a 'pandemic' in a number of parts of the world, it is important to understand the effect that the condition has on your overall lifestyle. Due to our busy schedules most of us have now made fast foods and aerated drinks a part of our regular diet.


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Burn Calories Walking

However one must take into account that these foods provide almost no nutritional value and deprive our bodies of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it requires to function optimally. Moreover, the only nutritional aspect of these hamburgers and hot dogs happens to be 'empty calories', which as opposed to calories cannot even be used to create the energy required by the body to pull off any physical movements. While the most obvious drawback of obesity or being overweight is the substantial change it has on a person's aesthetic appeal, this is medically the least of the problems caused by obesity.

Of more pressing concern are the facts that these same individuals are now at a greater risk of developing some very serious, if not lethal, conditions such as heart disease, respiratory illness and an overall decrease in the quality of life.

With the advancement of technology, scientists and product manufacturers have come out with a number of gadgets that have promised to be a boon in the effort to lose weight. While some of these gadgets have been successful and are actually very helpful, a number of them are simply marketing ploys to make some quick money. Losing weight does require the individual to have some serious desire. Motivation and commitment as the physical exercise routines can be very demanding. Moreover, the diet that needs to be followed, while being very nutritious, could lead to a lot of temptation that should be resisted. One would get to know the amount of calories burned using a calculator that is attached to your waist. This walking calculator gives you a real time idea of the amount of weight you are losing while on your exercise routine. Seeing real time results can be very motivating and fulfilling. The fact that you get other gadgets to calculate calories burned while bicycling calculator and calories burned while swimming calculator means that you can translate the same results into a number of high intensity sport that you may prefer. At the end of the day, all of these physical exercise regimes keep in mind that you need to have a high heart rate throughout the workout in order to encourage as much calorie shedding as possible.

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