Treatment To Get Relief Of Neck Kinks

By Patricia | May 28, 2009

Home Remedies

Kinked necks are a commonplace problem these days on account of our hectic lifestyles, workplace habits, and food preferences. A kinked neck may be caused by several causes like strained muscles (due to overexertion), spinal cord condition, injury, the use of extremely soft mattress, holding your neck in the same position for long periods of time, sudden and violent jerks in the neck, incorrect body posture, and arthritis. Stress and anxiety also lead to kinked neck as these psychological states wherein the blood circulation gets reduced leading to pain.

Some easy home remedies to cure a kinked neck are as follows:

  • The application of heat on the affected area stimulates blood flow to muscles, which was otherwise restricted on account of limited functioning of the circulatory system. Heating pads can be used for this purpose. A hot water bath is also recommended to relieve pain.
  • The application of a mentholated balm and covering your neck with a woolen scarf will definitely be helpful in relieving pain.
  • Cloves can be very effective in curing a kinked neck. Apply a poultice of cloves on the affected areas of your neck for three consecutive nights. Clove oil is very effective in curing muscular cramps, spasms, and sprains, and as such, kinked neck can be cured quite easily with this medicinal condiment.
  • Ginger is also an effective painkiller. Ginger powder made from dry ginger can be mixed with water to form a thick paste and applied on the affected region. Also, a juice made of fresh ginger can be applied on the neck for pain relief.
  • Simple neck exercises involving slow movements of your neck may also help in relieving pain.
  • The use of neck support collar may help in curing this problem as they help to maintain the neck in an upright posture and prevent jerks.
  • Consuming aspirin or acetaminophen can provide pain relief.
  • Walking can also cure the problem as it will relieve stress and also enhance blood circulation, thereby alleviating any pain in the neck.

As prevention is always better than cure, the ailment can be prevented by some basic prevention techniques such as maintaining proper body posture, exercising regularly, using a headset while on the phone, and avoiding stress.

Precautions. Although a kinked neck may be cured by these home remedies, sometimes the cause of the problem may be more severe than just a regular muscle pull or bad posture. In such cases, it is recommended that you consult a qualified physiotherapist and follow the prescribed course of treatment.

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