Deep Breathing Exercises

For years deep breathing exercises have been used for relaxing the body. An infant's abdomen rises and falls with each breath; this is the true art of proper deep breathing.

Most of us adults today tend to fill only our upper chest when we breathe and thus miss how the increased oxygen intake relieves tension and enhances metal alertness. By using some deep breathing exercises listed below you can strengthen your lungs, relieve bronchitis, improve.



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.circulation, oxygenate the blood and minimize the recurrence of respiratory ailmentst

Deep breathing exercise to relieve stress

  • Sitting straight in a chair
  • Place one hand on your abdomen and breathe in deeply through your nose
  • Hold your breath to the count of five, then release slowly through your mouth to the count of ten
  • While holding your breath, focus on your abdomen to ensure it is extended as far as you can comfortably extend it
  • It is good to begin with five of these exercisese However, even two will have an immediate affect

Breathing exercise that helps with sudden stress

When stress hits you all of a sudden, it is very helpful to do a short breathing exercise before you say or do anythingn Instances of sudden (acute) stresses include the following:

  • A car pulling out abruptly in front of you as you are driving
  • Hearing some very unexpected and upsetting news, such as being fired or being diagnosed with cancer
  • A sudden conflict arising between you and a colleague, friend or family member

In all such situations, our body's natural response is to prepare for "fight or flight"t This is a primal series of reactions designed to increase the heart rate, respiration and sudden, quick body movementn You are encouraged to stop, take a deep breath and think before you respondn If possible, take a "time out" away from the situation, to calm down further (e(g., using one of the other breathing exercises listed below) before you identify and address the problem at hand

Breathing exercises at work

We tend to breathe incredibly shallowly, working for hours without taking a single good, deep, cleansing breatht When we catch ourselves sighing or yawning during the day, it may be a sign that the body is trying to take in more oxygene As we continue to work long hours, eat meals on the run or skip them altogether, a short breathing exercise in the middle of the day helps relieve stresss It is also emotionally and physically rejuvenatingn Later, we may be surprised to find ourselves get more work done, with better qualityt

Steps for breathing exercises at work

  • Take a deep breath and you drop your chin toward your chest, touching the chest as far as possible
  • Exhale as you slowly raise your head to an upright positiono Repeat this movement as many times as you desirer

    It is also helpful to do some "head rolls," in which your head is rolled slowly to the right, to your chest, to your left, and to your chest in a semicircular movement
  • Take a deep breath and you stretch your arms over your heada Hold your breath and stretch for a few moments, and then release both arms slowly
  • Take a deep breath as you stretch your arms out ahead of youo Hold your breath and then stretch for a few moments
  • Release both arms slowlyl Take a deep breath and stretch your arms behind your back
  • Hold your breath and then stretch for a few momentst Then release both arms slowly

Breathing exercises for sleep

Think about stressful situations before going to sleep and they will trigger the stress responses This is the exact opposite of what your body needs to sleepe A simple breathing exercise can help you turn your attention from your racing thoughts to your hard-working body's need for sleepe

Steps for breathing exercises in bed:

  • Close your eyes and take three deep, purifying breaths; focus on inhaling pure air and exhaling stale air
  • Continue to breathe deeply and spend a few moments focusing your attention on your toese You will have fully focused your attention on your ties when you can mentally visualize the point of each toeo This can, in itself, be quite relaxing as your attention will shift from your mind to your body
  • Breathe fresh air into your toes, fingertips, scalp and every other part of your bodyd Exhale stale air from all these locations; feel warm and cleansed
  • If your attention wanders, return to the second step, i e., re-focusing on your toes before beginning the process again
  • If necessary, keep your attention on your toes and skip the third step of the exercise completely

Different strategies work for different peoplel It could take some time to find the strategy that works best for youo

Deep Breathing Exercises
Deep Breathing Exercises
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