plz tell me how to loose weight and how to stop hair fall. age 23 yrs male working. very serious condition.

(August 27, 2008)

Weight loss and hair fall are both related to stress and heredity. Excess weight is due to improper diet, poor lifestyle, and improper activity pattern. Hair loss is due to stress, genes, improper diet and exposure to harsh chemicals. Hair loss can be easily cures by poses that increase hair circulation, such as sarvangasana or shoulder stand, vajrasana and ustraasana or the camel pose. Always remember to practice yoga with prior knowledge or with professional guidance.

Sarvangasana or the shoulder stand, as the name indicates, involves the individual standing on the shoulders. Lie down flat on the floor. Look up at the roof and bend your knees. Place your palms under your buttocks and slowly lift your legs. Lift it slowly to position at 90 degrees. Follow it up to 130 degrees. Slowly, push your feet towards your head and place it behind the head, in such a way hat your toes touches the floor. Hold for a moment and push your legs up, perpendicular to the floor. Fold the knees and bring it down slowly to reach the floor. This pose enhances hair growth, due to increase in blood circulation.

Vajrasana is one of the easiest postures, which provides relief from stress. Kneel down and bend your knees. Place your buttocks on the feet, which face the roof. The legs are parallel to each other. Place your palms over your knees and inhale. Follow it up with the process of exhalation. Camel pose or ustraasana involves back bending pose. Kneel down, with your thighs perpendicular to the floor. Push your hands behind and touch the ankle. Hold for about thirty seconds and then release.

Practice yoga in an intense manner for about one and a half hour, for a minimum of three days in a week. Surya namaskar or the sun salutation helps a great deal to lose weight. It also energizes the individual and keeps them, devoid of fatigue. Pavanmuktasana is yet another technique that aids in release of gas and loss of weight. Dhanurasana or the bow pose involves lying flat on your abdomen. Bend your knees and push your torso up. Hold the ankle with your palm and stretch yourself. Look up at the roof. Bhujangasana or the pose of the cobra is effective to eliminate the abdominal fat. Place your palms on the floor and push your torso up. Arch your back and gaze at the roof.

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