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(August 1, 2008)

What are the eight parts of yoga? What are their parts?

Astha means eight in Sanskrit and anga means eight. Asthanga yoga (8 limbs yoga) is the form of yoga which consists of eight parts. All different parts are responsible for different parts of the body and it provides zeal and vigor to the body so that an individual can feel rejuvenated to take up the daily chores with ease and interest.

The eight parts of yoga include Yama, Niyama, Aasana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and Samadhi. Yama has five yamas or restraints. These restrains include great principles of non-violence like not to harm anybody, follow the practices of truth, being just and not to steal and the last one is brahmacharya which means isolation from the world.

Niyams include the rules to be followed for a good life like meditation, cleanliness, contentment, study and self surrender to god. Great involvement in the spiritual aspect can be achieved with various practices of yoga like asanas. Different asanas should be practiced to attain great harmony between the mind and the body. Various postures of yoga are responsible to attain different heights in meditation. It provides mental peace and feeling of great relaxation.

Pranayam is another limb of yoga which is concerned with breath control. It helps to increase the concentration of the individual in various chores of daily life. The other limb of yoga is pratyahara which helps the humans to withdraw the senses and thereby have a better control over the senses in order to organize things in a better and comfortable manner.

Other limb is dhrana which depicts concentration. This form of yoga helps to increase the memory power of the individual and sharpens the memory. Dhyana is another form of yoga which aids in meditation. Samadhi is the reunion of the human body with the divine.

The eight limbs of yoga can also be called as eight rungs of yoga which can help the individual to regain the lost charm and vitality of the human body. It refreshes the mind and body with various different kinds of body and helps the body to get rid of different ailments which are responsible various diseases in the human body.

Different aspects of yoga show considerable effects on various parts of human body and hence if someone suffers from specific ailment then yoga exercise responsible for relief for that body organ should be undertaken. It shows good results when practiced for sometime. Even if the person is not suffering from any specific disease yoga helps to keep the body fit and perfect.

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