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(June 30, 2010)

What is Yoga Flow?

What is yoga flow? Yoga flow is a term which covers a broad range of yoga poses. Also known as the Vinyasa style of yoga, yoga flow denotes the ease and technique through which yoga poses flow into one another. In this style practitioners move from one pose to another with rhythmic inhalations and exhalations. The movements are synchronized with breath and the technique itself is known as Vinyasa flow, yoga flow, or simply flow.
The simplest Vinyasa yoga flow pose is the cat cow stretch. The movements are so fluid and rhythmic, that it almost seems as if it were a dance performance. The sun salutation pose, made up of several fluid movements, is a more complex example of a yoga flow pose. Similarly, any pose that is performed matching the movements with inhalation and exhalation, is known as a Vinyasa yoga pose.
Yoga flow allows a lot of variety. Almost every Vinyasa yoga class that you will go to will begin with the sun salutation as this is the primary Vinyasa yoga pose and also teaches the flow of breathing and movement in synchronous harmony. Vinyasa yoga, along with the movements and the breathing, also includes rapid chanting. The poses are alignment oriented and therefore, there are not only stretching poses, but also rapid movements and heavy breathing. Yoga flow techniques are often also used in more rigorous yoga practices such as Power yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Though both Ashtanga and Power yoga do include principles of Vinyasa yoga, they are listed by their own individual names.
The plank pose, chaturanga pose, and the upward facing dog constitute the Vinyasa pose. However, the style itself can be applied to any pose that can be practiced with the flow of inhalation and exhalation. The strength of Vinyasa yoga or yoga flow is in the flexibility and diversity it offers. Unlike yoga disciplines where the movements are fixed and the poses are already demarcated, Vinyasa is simply a style which can be applied to any physical exercise, not only yoga.
Vinyasa yoga is perfectly suited for those who enjoy moving in an unpredictable manner and like to include lots of movements into a workout. Vinyasa yoga flow not only helps improve alignment, but also allows the body to improve its balance and lung capacity. The rhythmic breathing along with the movements is also excellent for the cardio vascular system and can help burn off calories.

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