Yoga advice for reducing fats

(June 6, 2008)

How can one make their abdomen flat?? do we have any side effect if we discontinue yoga after some time??

Yoga advice for reducing fats 

Practicing Yoga is of immense benefit in losing weight in the abdominal region and there are specified poses that aim to remove the superfluous weight from the stomach region. Linked to a customized healthy diet, individuals attempting loss of weight in the abdominal area are likely to get solutions by practicing yoga.

Sun salutations are a coordinated sequence of positions that precedes the actual asanas or a fully fledged yoga session. Due to the nature of the Sun salutation movements you are likely to notice a noticeable loss of weight after daily performance in a few days. Sun salutations also help to tone and build abdominal muscles.

Other forms of yoga exercises useful in shedding weight from the stomach include the bow pose, the peacock pose and abdominal lifts. Do not attempt to do any of these poses if you happen to be under any form of ailment; also check with your doctor if you can go ahead with the exercises.

The only side effect to discontinuing yoga or any form of exercise is that the body tends to go back into its lethargic state. Moreover, without proper movement and flexibility, ailments begin to show up and metabolism and begins to slow down. It is ideal that one continues to do yoga daily and look forward to enjoying it rather than a chore or mechanically performing it every day without being satisfied.

Submitted by C D on June 6, 2008 at 04:01

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